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12 Best Purple Weed Strains: All About Purple Marijuana


Marijuana, like most plants, is generally green in color. Usually, the buds or flowers may take on different colorations depending on the strain. But have you seen a purple marijuana strain?

Some marijuana plants have a purple appearance or purple patches on leaves and buds. What makes weed purple? How do you grow pure purple strains? Is purple weed exotic? Read on as we provide detailed responses to these and many more questions.

This article focuses on the best purple weed strains you will find at a reliable dispensary. Let’s dive into the main content straightaway!

What makes weed purple?

Before we unveil the list of purple weed strains, let’s first understand why some are pure purple while others have only purple patches. And most importantly, we will answer why there are purple weed strains in the first place.

Purple weeds were not as common in the past the way they are today. But due to their attractiveness and preferences by consumers and growers, they have risen in popularity. Nowadays, all dispensaries stock purple-colored weeds.

What makes weed plants turn purple is the high concentration of anthocyanin. This is a flavonoid with known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. This chemical is present not only in purple weeds but also in some plants. You can find it in the leaves, stems, fruits, and basically every plant part.

Anthocyanin in weeds is responsible for the beautiful reds, purples, pinks, and blues that you naturally see when walking through the jungle.

Are purple weed strains Indica or Sativa? As mentioned, what makes weed purple is the flavonoid: anthocyanin. Its presence is independent of whether the weed strain is Sativa or Indica. That is why you can even find purple hybrid strains. Both Sativa and Indica cannabis strains can appear purple if anthocyanin is enough to turn the color.

Eating food rich in anthocyanins comes with benefits. However, it is a different story when it comes to cannabis. The heat when burning or processing cannabis-related products can destroy them.

How to grow purple weed

growing purple weed

Purple coloration in weeds can be hereditary. However, the concentration is mainly influenced by the growing conditions. That means a horticulturalist relies on the skills of how to make weed purple. Fortunately, you don’t have to be overly experienced to know what makes weed purple and actually cultivate one.

Purple strains of weeds are mainly grown indoors. That is the case because it is easier to control growth conditions in favor of anthocyanin formation.

High amounts of anthocyanins are formed when the weed is exposed to long periods of cold temperatures. Most horticulturalists accomplish that by using LED lighting and piling dry ice around the root zones.

To favor anthocyanin formation in purple strains, keep temperatures at about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit during warm days and at about 65-70 at night. And since purple coloration is genetic, consider purple marijuana strains. You will never achieve any coloration with a weed strain with no known history of having purple patches.

Why do cannabis stems turn purple?

Some marijuana strains only have purple stems. The stems turn purple mainly due to light intensity. If you expose your weed to direct sunlight, you may notice purple pigmentation. If the light source is placed above, stem sections closer to the ground remain greener than those high up.

So, what do purple stems mean on weed plants? It means there is a high concentration of anthocyanin, and that is due to exposure to intense light for a long time.

Is purple weed better? Purple weed effects

Technically speaking, anthocyanin has no contribution to the potency of marijuana. A connection between these two has never been established.

It is just a well-known belief among cannabis users that purple marijuana strains have higher quality than green ones. The perception comes from its beauty, due to the purple colors of the bud. You are mistaken if you think you will get a different effect because you smoke a purple strain.

However, most purple weed strains are circumstantially potent. That makes people believe that all weeds with purple pigmentation are better than a green cannabis strain.

Does purple weed make you sleepy? Yes. It will if it is an Indica or Indica-dominant hybrid, but that is a typical effect of such strains regardless of its appearance.

Best Purple Cannabis Strains 2022 List

Let’s get to the core now that we understand what makes weed turn purple. Different purple weed strains exist. We have grouped them based on the strain type, anthocyanin concentration, effects, and origin for ease of understanding. You can check them out to pick your top purple strains.

Best Purple Indica Strains

As mentioned, the purple appearance of weeds does not depend on whether it is an Indica or Sativa. In the Indica category, we have selected the following as the best purple strains:

Purple Kush

purple kush strain

Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain with good adaptation to indoor and outdoor environments. It is a popular purple weed strain choice for growers because of its ease of cultivation and also takes the shortest time to flower.

Purple Kush has a frosty purple appearance that guarantees a top spot as one of the best purple weed strains. It is also a highly potent weed strain with a THC level of about 22%. If you are a novice smoker, you better leave it to veterans or proceed cautiously.

Once Purple Kush gets into your system, it produces a relaxing effect that makes you calm and peaceful. Its numbing effect also makes it a perfect choice for alleviating chronic pain. And, if you struggle with insomnia, the right dose of Purple Kush will lull you into sleep.

Granddaddy Purple

granddaddy purple strain

Also known as Grand Daddy Purp, Granddaddy Purp, or GDP, this is the most popular purple weed strain worldwide. It is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Its buds are strikingly purple and decorated by fiery orange hairs.

GDP looks attractive and enticing. The buds have a super sweet grape flavor, but it has a heavily pungent harsh aftertaste to warn you of its potency. The aroma is equally delicious and spicy.

Granddaddy Purple is another very potent purple marijuana with a THC level ranging from 20% to 27%. Its effects begin with a cerebral rush that graduates to a feeling of euphoria and slight numbing. As a result, many users prefer it for pain and stress relief.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape strain

Grape Ape is a result of crossing Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Original Afghani. It is distinguished from other purple Indica weed strains on this list for its appearance. These purple marijuana strains are shrouded in deep purple leaves, which become darker as they mature.

Grape Ape gives off a potent fruity aroma of candy and berries. It is also one of the best-tasting weed strains that can lure even novice smokers, but be warned. Grape Ape is an equally potent flower with a THC level of about 18-21%. Its relaxing high is preferred for alleviating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more!

However, high doses can easily result in couch-lock. Novices are also warned to stay away from this purple Indica marijuana strain.

Best Purple Sativa Strains

You can also find purple Sativa strains if you are a great fan of these purple strains of weed. There are many to consider under this category, but we have chosen only the following as the best:

Purple Haze

Purple Haze strain

Purple Haze is a heavily Sativa-dominant marijuana strain popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 hit song: Purple Haze. It is a cross between Purple Thai and Haze, inheriting a mix of sweet and earthy flavors. There are also notes of berry and sharp spice.

Purple Haze weed strains appear on this list of the best Sativa purple marijuana strains because of their nuggets covered by deep purple hairs. Other features include long, dense pepper-shaped nugs and milky white trichomes.

This purple marijuana strain has typical Sativa effects. Because of its high THC level of about 26%, Purple Haze hits fast and hard. The high begins with strong cerebral simulations followed by an intense sense of creativity and blissful contentment.

Purple Haze x Malawi

Purple Haze x Malawi strain

As its name suggests, this purple Sativa strain is a cross between Purple Haze and Malawi. The result is a highly potent Sativa purple marijuana strain with a THC level of about 18-23%.

Purple Haze x Malawi is one of the most successful purple weed strains with high yields and ease of growing. Even the novice can get it right!

This purple strain offers powerful and long-lasting, energizing effects. It is the best choice if you are looking for motivation to go about your daily routine.

Most Popular Purple Weed Strains

As mentioned, many purple weed strains exist. However, they range in popularity due to their effects. Here are a few options for you if you need the most popular purple strains of 2022:

Purple Skunk

Purple Skunk strain

Sativa lovers can extend their joy for purple strains with Purple Skunk. Though the origin and lineage are not well known, this marijuana strain remains the most potent and popular purple Sativa marijuana strain. In appearance, Purple Skunk has deep purple hues.

As the name suggests, Purple Skunk has a skunky taste and offers an incredible long-lasting and uplifting high. You can expect creative cerebral effects accompanied by strong euphoria and a tingling sensation. Some smokers have also reported a powerful hunger as the initial effects subside.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch strain

Purple Punch is one of the most beautiful weed strains in the cannabis world. It has an Indica-style bushy appearance with a short and wide stem. 

Purple Punch also produces dark-green to purple water leaves. And if exposed to cold temperatures for an extended time, the flower changes from green to purple.

Purple Punch is a result of crossing Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple strains. What we get is an Indica-dominant purple marijuana strain that is equally potent. It has a THC content of about 18-20%.

Purple Punch has a strong aroma of grapes, berry, and vanilla, which also translates into its flavor. You will enjoy sweet, berry, and herbal tastes as you wait for relaxing, happy, and euphoric effects to wash over you.

Purple Bud Strains

Purple weeds can have coloration on the stem, leaves, buds, or whole plant. We will look at a few weed strains with purple buds. They are as attractive as the best looking weed strains because of the purple hairs covering their nuggets.

Grape Skunk

Grape Skunk strain

Grape Skunk is a highly Indica-dominant purple strain. It packs a whopping THC content of 24% on average and up to 3% CBD. This hybrid strain resulted from crossing Blueberry, Super Skunk, and Grapefruit.

Grape Skunk comes in different shapes and sizes, with a chemical-like green glow perfectly contrasted with shades of purple. Its appearance is wrapped up by sparkling resin glands and rusty-orange pistils.

This purple strain has a predominant skunky aroma with sweet, rich notes of berries. Its flavor profile is equally the same, but with zesty, funky hits of cheese that linger on the palate. Its effects start with euphoria and quickly relax and lower the eyes.

Obama Kush

Obama Kush strain

Obama Kush is a purple flowering weed resulting from crossing OG Kush and Afghani landrace strains. This Indica-leaning hybrid purple weed is an excellent choice if you want to feel relaxed and unwind, yet remain conscious.

Obama Kush is, undoubtedly, a vibrant flower. It is characterized by purple hues coated with frosty trichomes and deep-red pistils. The flowers have stunning shades of deep purple.

Obama Kush has a discrete yet sweet and tangy aroma. There are also undertones of a moreish, skunky smell. Its sweet flavor also makes it the favorite among cannabis users who like purple weed strains.

Strongest Purple Strains

The strength of purple weed strains depends on their THC content. Most potent marijuana strains clock in at above 20% in THC. Check out our best pick for the strongest purple weed strain.

Purple Diesel

Purple Diesel strain

Purple Diesel has buds with tinges of purple coloring that make them stand out among other purple marijuana breeds. The nuggets are large and have olive-green hues. But if properly-grown, Purple Diesel can have leaves and stems turning to purple shades.

Purple Diesel takes this position of the strongest purple strain for its high potency. Its THC level clocks in at a whopping 28%. And, as a hybrid strain, Purple Diesel gives you the best of both worlds. The high is sneaky with a long onset time before it suddenly uplifts and puts you in a state of giggly euphoric bliss.

Purple Diesel is a perfect choice for patients with chronic stress, depression, pain, and fatigue.

Exotic Purple Weed Strains

If you love exotic weed strains, here are a few examples to check out:

Purple Tangie

Purple Tangie strain

Purple Tangie is a Sativa-leaning strain developed by crossing Tangie with an undisclosed cultivar. This exotic weed strain has dark green and purple leaves. The plant is beautifully decorated with reddish-brown pistils.

This exotic purple weed strain has an aroma of citrus, orange, and floral flavor. It is best known by cannabis users for its energizing and uplifting effects. Purple Tangie also improves focus and induces euphoria. Most patients use it to treat depression, pain, and other illnesses.

Purple Afghani

Purple Afghani strain

Purple Afghani is one of the best purple colored weed strains for its beautiful purple hues. It is one of the most potent purple marijuana strains, with a THC content reaching 25%.

Purple Afghani is of Canadian origin. It resulted from a cross between Afghani 1 and Purple Kush, meaning the purple appearance it possesses is hereditary.

This exotic purple strain is in demand for its rich aroma and high potency. Purple Afghani has a rich aroma and complex flavor profile, but you can expect cheese and sage.

Real and fake purple weed

As the cannabis market expands and demand for purple marijuana strains rises, unscrupulous growers and vendors also come into the equation. You might get fake purple weed instead of the real deal. Some are just dead purple, while others are purple moldy weed.  

You can differentiate between fake purple weed and real purple weed from its appearance, taste, smell, and bud density. However, the difference is not apparent to the naked eye.

Buy your purple marijuana strains from the best and most reputable dispensaries, such as The Lodge, for guaranteed quality. Check out our menu to find purple strains we have on the shelves. Our staff will also help you choose the best strains according to your needs and preferences.


What is a purple weed?

A purple weed or marijuana is a cannabis plant with a purple tinge or hue on the stem, leaves, or buds. Some cannabis plants are more purple than others depending on the anthocyanin concentration and genetics.

Why is some weed purple?

Some marijuana plants are purple genetically. They have a high concentration of anthocyanin flavonoid, responsible for the purple tinge or hue you see on the leaves, stems, or buds. The higher the concentration of this chemical, the darker the purple color of the cannabis plant.

Why does weed bleed purple?

Weeds bleed purple if there is a high concentration of anthocyanin flavonoid. It is a usual occurrence. However, don’t confuse it with die pigments. Just know that it is a natural process when buying fresh flowers.

Is purple weed good or bad?

Purple weed is as good as green weed. There is no difference in aroma, flavor, and effects that the purple coloration brings to weed. It is just a misconception among cannabis users that purple marijuana strains are better than green ones.

What does purple weed taste like?

Purple weed strains are sweet, spicy, and fruity. That is true for different weed strains with enough anthocyanin concentration. However, these are merely theories, as there has never been proof of any flavor associated with the purple weed color.

What are the effects of purple weed?

The effects of weed are not based on its purple color. These are determined by the strain and whether it is an Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid. There is no specific effect associated with a purple coloration of the stem, leaves, or buds.

Does purple weed make you sleepy?

Most purple weeds are Indica or Indica-leaning hybrids. That means you have a high chance of smoking an Indica strain that will likely induce sleep if taken in large doses.

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