Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain (85% Sativa/15% Indica), named after a legendary 1967 Jimi Hendrix’s song. It was developed after a cross between Haze and Purple Thai strains. THC levels of Purple Haze typically range between 15 and 20%; however, under certain conditions can go up to 22%.

The buds of Purple Haze have a typical Sativa like structure, soft and fluffy, their vibrant colors of deep green and purple-blue are highlighted by the delicate sparkles of sticky trichomes.
The aroma of this strain is earthy, a bit herbal, sweet, and spicy. And the flavor is full of berries and spice.

Today Purple Haze strain is as popular as ever, bringing back wild memories of 1960th.
After the first inhale, the high starts immediately, boosting an influx of energy and creativity, sending the head into a happy, euphoric spin, providing astonishing clarity. Purple Haze is generally a great strain to use in any type of social setting. Once the high starts going down the body, it doesn’t have the usual relaxing qualities; instead, the warm waves of Purple Haze end up being extremely stimulating, energizing, much like a head-high effect. It adds to a clear-headed high this strain brings, contributing to an unforgettable experience of an uplifting euphoria combined with a clear and creative mind and high energy. It is a beautiful strain to enjoy during the day or with a company of like minded people. Novice users should use caution when experimenting with this strain and always be mindful of their tolerance levels.

Positive effects:


Adverse effects:

dry eyes
dry mouth

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