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Top 7 Strongest Weed Strains 2021


Cannabis usage has been legalized in different states. This move has seen an increase in the number of marijuana strains as many growers seek to achieve a high potency. You cannot explore all the weed strains, but the information we have here will show you how to go about it.

What is the Strongest Strain of Marijuana?

Before answering the question, let us first talk about what determines the strength of a cannabis strain. Different strains have different THC and CBD levels. THC is the compound found in the marijuana bud responsible for the highness when you take a puff. It will stimulate your brain and bring in euphoria, among other effects.

When it comes to the question of which is the strongest weed strain, we would say it depends. The highest THC strain depends on many growth factors. That makes it nearly impossible to point out a particular weed as the record holder. Currently, the strongest weed strain has a THC value of about 30% and is expected to increase even further. We are yet to see a weed strain with 40% THC content.

What Determines the THC Content of Cannabis?

The highest THC percentage flower has come from growers who can control the growth condition. That makes us conclude that the TCH content in the bud depends on the growth conditions. The main contributor is the light source. By regulating the quality and quantity of light, cannabis master was managed to produce the strongest weed in the world.

Since there are advancements in the cultivation of marijuana across the states, we expect to see the plant with the highest THC percentage flower ever. Will 2021 be the year of the strongest weed in the world? Only time will tell.

The Highest THC Strains 2021

If you are a regular cannabis user, then there is no doubt you would like to try the highest THC strains. The strongest marijuana strain is determined by the level of THC compound in their buds. On our list, we have researched and consolidated the strongest weed strains. You can try out any of these 7 marijuana strains either for medicinal use or recreational purposes.

Grease Monkey

This is an Indica-dominant weed strain resulting from a cross between Gorilla Glue and Cookies and Cream marijuana strains. It is the highest THC percentage flower on our list, with a whopping value of 31%. This value can significantly vary depending on the growth conditions, as already stated.

Grease Monkey has a strong aroma of nutty vanilla and skunky diesel. When smoke, the high effect builds behind the eyes and then spreads to the rest of the body. It drives you to a euphoric high characterized by mental calming effects. Medicinally, this strain is a remedy for chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.

Pacman OG

This is another Indica-dominant cannabis that is among the strongest strains of weed in the world today. It has a high THC value of up to 29% and is popular among regular stoners. If you are looking for the strongest marijuana in the world to try today, then place your bet on this strain.

The strain has a sweet citrusy aroma. The flavor is kind of earthy with hints of lemon and a high euphoric effect that will immediately dive your body into a deep state of relaxation. It then introduces a happy feeling and overall well-being. It is the best choice for relieving pain, stress, insomnia, and other effects. It is recommended to veteran smokers since it is one of the strongest types of weed.

99 Problems

99 Problems is a Sativa-dominant weed strain resulting from a cross between White 99 and Stardawg. This strain features in our list of high THC strains because it has a high percentage of this compound. The value ranges from 28-30%, with some breeders reporting even higher values.
Those looking to try the most potent weed should first start with 99 Problems, but it is not for novice smokers. It has a multi-layer scent that begins with a strong smell that quickly turns into an airy and fruity balance of sweet berries. When this very potent strain of weed gets into your system, it will immediately uplift your mood, boost focus and energy, and increase creativity.

Chocolate OG


Chocolate is a result of a cross between True OG and Chocolate Rain and is mainly Indica. Many breeders have reported the highest THC level as close as 30%, but the value averages at about 26%. Depending on where you buy your product, you can easily say that Chocolate OG is one of the high THC strains.

This strain is best known for its high relaxing properties, which dominate as you continue to take more puffs. It drives you into a giggly euphoric feeling. The smoke has a flavor of cheesy and nutty but leaves a savory note on the palate.

Blue Walker

This weed strain is 90% Sativa with an average THC level of 26.77%. This relatively high percentage of the compound makes it features on our list of strongest weeds in the world. It is rightfully here because it is a very potent weed that will readily drive you into a long-lasting buzz. You will feel more energized, euphoric, and relaxed.

Blue Walker has a remarkable calming effect, making it a perfect antidote for stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It’s also a good remedy for pain and nausea.

Banana Kush

The inclusion of the Banana Kush in the list of most potent marijuana strains is justifiable for weed enthusiasts. Banana Kush is a cross-breed between OG Kush and a male Banana and possesses a creamier banana flavor and all the sedative effects of its parents. The strain is best known for its enticing and potency. Its high THC level of 27% creates highness instantly, making you feel more energized.

Durban Kush

This is a Sativa dominant strain, resulting from a cross between OG Kush and Durban. The THC level varies, but many are within the range of 25-27%. That is what made it appear in the list of highest THC strains 2021. It is best known for its aroma of a tart, earth, pine, and spice overtones.

The effects start strong and powerful, which is immediately followed by energizing and uplifting feeling. It promotes happiness and lightness, thereby relieving anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, pain, etc.

The Final Thoughts on Strongest Strains 2021

Choosing the right cannabis strain for you might be a daunting task, especially if you are a novice user. The strongest weed strains are not for new users. And even if you are a regular stoner, advice from an experienced budtender can help you get the best weed strain in 2021.

At the Lodge Cannabis, we have experienced budtenders to offer you free tips on choosing the strongest weed strains. Whether you need the highest THC level strains for medicinal use or just for recreation, the team will help you make the best decision. You deserve to get the best, and that is what we offer you.

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26 Replies to “Top 7 Strongest Weed Strains 2021”

  1. Guys… u must try Chocolate OG. Chocolate is a result of a cross between True OG and Chocolate Rain.Giggly euphoria and bright citrus/grapefruit aromas speak to traditional OG attributes inherited from True OG

  2. Im on my way to get the strongest pain relieving, relaxing,sleep inducing bud i can get. been diagnosed with 2 spinal disease that cant be reversed. your input wood be appreciated. Its a 763 mile road trip one way. Thanks for your input. Chicago

  3. I would like to say write and say Thank you for amazing customer service and excellent quality. Me and friends visited Lodge this weekend and left your store with fully staffed bag of weed and big option of edibles. In my opinion this was the best Dispeasry I ever visited. Best dispensary, best customer service, huge selection of cannabis strains. We got your Durban Kush with 37% THC. Highest THC option I ever purchased in my life. You guys killing there. Nick and Cody are two of coolest and most knowledgeable Budtender. Definitely recommend to everyone. Our experience was amazing. Highly satisfied customers.

  4. White angel og has tested over 30% for the last 10 years +, not even an honorable mention? And no mention of ‘the toad’ which has had tests come back as high as 37%, slurricane, jungle cake, rainmaker, monster cookies, grape runtz, cookies n chem, even certain wedding cake cultivars all test over 30% consistently and from multiple testing facilities not to mention many many more strains. The 30% thc ceiling has been shattered years ago yet all these lists come out monthly/yearly with the ‘strongest strains’ and You have low 20% thc strains listed as being one of the strongest (kudos to this list, even with my ranting and the many omissions this list has by far one with the most highly tested strains listed)
    I know this industry is shady beyond comprehension and growers, geneticists and strains will be flat out black balled at events, shows and cups in favor of a grower, geneticist and/or strain that’s inferior simply because It’s from a big name or a hyped line or in most cases because they paid the most to win/get the recognition (whats the cost to take home a cannabis cup these days, still around 30k or has that number gone up now with so many Legal Vendors and Easy access to the market?)
    Lol this is just the rantings of some old guy who done lost his brains decades ago, pay no mind!

  5. Lol I agree. I have Casino Kush and it averages at 28-30% and the batch I’m currently smoking came in at 33.21% thc. Good list but there are many other stronger strains not seen in the list. Of course with new strains being born and tested on a regular basis I can see it hard to keep up with and strains tend to vary but will have an average thc content percentage.

  6. got some dank gmo testing at 38.79 percent thc highest ive ever smoked and ive been smoking for over 20 years

  7. I live in Ohio and I’m on medical marijuana strain that I get from mydispensary range anywhere from 28 to 33% and the strain is called garlic cookies

  8. Just in today….8/16/2021. I represent an indoor hydro grow in Oregon named “A Vant Garden”. We just received our lab results of
    LA Kush Cake that came in @ 40.41% THC!!!!

    Can anyone tell me if you have seen anything higher testing with actual lab results??? Just wondering.

  9. 40%- Golden Goddess by Northern Emeralds., Bubba’s wedding 34%, Banana Mango 33%. All very potent, but potency alone doesn’t check all the boxes for me. Strains like Trainwreck, Romulan, AK-47, Jack Herer, GDP, Great White Shark, White Widow, Northern Lights, those are the Blue Ribbons that produced many Gold Medal strains. GSC and OG Kush are overused and over hyped.

  10. I just had the pleasure of smoking “Little Devil” now that has A REALLY HIGH T H C content. 60% is high it tastes like weed crystals so good. Can anyone tell me if I’m really high did i say 60% . Is this possible.?

  11. I bought icc ice cream cake at 30 percent thc today from MUV.. so I wonder how many others test at 30 plus and where does it cap off at. So did I truly have the 2nd strongest levels ever.. doubt it.. lmao..

  12. The reason a lot of the strains you guys are talking about that aren’t getting mentioned is because the THC numbers they are reporting have been inflated. Just because they have a sheet with the “laboratory” test results doesn’t mean they’re factual. There are many labs that are inflating THC numbers, in fact it has become a big problem. Some states are starting to crack down on this BS and rightly so. The problem is much worse in the US than in Canada they say. There are plenty of articles you can read on false THC lab results and how there is lots of $$ to be made by doing it. Money is usually the reasoning behind anything like this happening. These labs need to get hit hard so consumers can trust they are getting what they are buying.


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