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Knowing the Effects of THC vs CBD

With the growing popularity of using Marijuana as natural medicine, there is a high demand for Cannabis. Compounds like CBD and THC are growing in demand and while many assume that CBD and THC have similar effects on the body, their chemical compositions (and effects) are slightly different.

Although they both contain 30 Hydrogen Atoms, 21 Carbon Atoms and 2 Oxygen Atoms, making them identical to each other with a change in shape only, this slight change in shape and bonds make a massive impact on their working so in this article we’ll discuss the differences between CBD and THC.

How CBD & THC Affect the Body

The CB1 receptors are present in the regions of the brain mostly associated with physiological and mental processes such as emotion, memory and motor coordination.  CB2 receptors can be found all over the immune and nervous system and are associated with pain and anxiety relief, changing the mood and stimulating the appetite.

THC can bind directly with the CB1 receptors because of its molecular structure. This bond formation creates a reaction which sends signals to the brain, creating a psychoactive effect that leads to the person getting high.

CBD is responsible for the destruction of the bond between THC and CB1 receptor, in contrast to THC. This results in reduced psychoactive effects when combined with THC.

The major difference between THC and CBD is that; THC directly binds to the CB1 receptors giving a psychoactive effect and making the user high while CBD does not. CBD is touted for producing most of the benefits of THC without the “high”. For this reason, it has become increasingly popular for helping with several ailments.

The Differences Between CBD & THC

Although CBD and THC are sharing many similarities, but they are also different from each other based on the arrangement of their structure and the effects they produce on the mind.

Although CBD and THC are equally beneficial to the body and carry the same medicinal benefits of each other and provide your required relief you desire, the only difference being is that THC provides a psychoactive effect on the mind but to some, that is a benefit as well so they choose THC over CBD.

So choosing THC over CBD or CBD over THC is totally dependent on the person who wishes to use either one depending on their needs.

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