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What Are Infused Pre-Rolls?


Different ways of taking cannabis products exist, and one of them is infused pre-rolls or joints: rolls of cannabis flower buds infused with cannabis concentrates. These cannabis products are gaining popularity. Instead of buying packaged cannabis buds and spending time at home preparing the rolls, you can purchase ready-made rolls for your joint. They come in different sizes and prices depending on the brand and are ready for consumption.

But what does infused pre-roll mean? Read on to find out more details on how infused pre-rolls are made, what they are, and whether they are worth the money.

What is an Infused Pre-Roll?

As the name suggests, an infused pre-roll is a cannabis product made by retailers or big brands by rolling cannabis buds and infusing them with cannabis concentrates. These are ready-to-use products you can take at any time and are infused with any cannabis concentrate, such as wax, resin, rosin, etc.

Infused pre-rolls or infused joints save time. They come ready to use in appealing, transportable tubes and are available in multi-packs. These products save time you would otherwise spend rolling cannabis buds you buy from a dispensary. You can find infused pre-rolls in Denver, Colorado, and any other state where cannabis is legalized for recreational or medicinal use.

Pre-rolled joints or blunts come in strain-specific rolls and vary in size and potency. You can find them in small packs costing just a few bucks or large packages that cost about $100. Compared to homemade rolls, infused pre-rolls are better quality and more appealing. High-end infused pre-rolls are shaped to be uniform.

Infused joints are made with different types of concentrates, including oil, hashish, kief, kaviar, and many others. That means their potency also varies. But they are more potent than the ones you roll yourself because you may not have a variety of cannabis concentrates to infuse into them.

How Are Infused Joints and Blunts Made?

Infused pre-rolls are cannabis buds infused with cannabis concentrates extracted from cannabis trichomes and rolled into small and manageable tubes. Manufacturers use different methods for creating concentrates and infused blunts or pre-rolls.

The most common way of making infused joints is by using distillates, THCa diamonds, live rosin, kief, etc. These cannabis products can be put inside, outside, or on both sides of the joint paper to add potency and flavor. But the strength or flavor of an infused pre-roll depends on the extract and marijuana strain used.

To make infused joints, consider the type of concentrate you want. That depends on the mood, energy level, and experience you want from your infused blunt. The process and material do not change from that of making a regular joint. You only need to add the chosen cannabis concentrate.

Depending on the different concentrates used, other infused joints exist. Most of them are named according to the marijuana concentrate infused in them. The following are the most common types you can find in most dispensaries or even online:

Dos Amigos infused pre roll

Hash infused pre-rolls

As the name implies, a hash pre-roll is a joint infused with hash or bubble hash. Hash is kief made under high pressure and heat to create a solid concentrate. The heat and pressure change the color, flavor, texture, appearance, and potency of kief, transforming it into hash or hashish.

Hashish-infused joints are made by adding ground hash to the marijuana buds when rolled. Breaking them into smaller pieces prevents them from ripping off the rolling papers and causes them to spread evenly throughout the joint.

Kief pre-rolls

Kief pre-rolls are made by infusing kief into the rolls. By definition, kief is a green powdery substance left behind after grinding fresh cannabis flowers. In other words, kief is accumulated trichomes that fall out of the marijuana flower. You can make kief by dry sifting and rubbing the cannabis plant against mesh screens to catch the trichomes.

Pre-rolls with kief are considered natural and organic. That is because kief is made through a solventless process. Regardless, it adds potency to your infused joints or blunts. You can try these pre-rolled joints dipped in kief to experience it firsthand.

Wax Joints

A waxed joint is one of the best infused pre-rolls available. A wax concentrate falls between shatter and hash oil in consistency. It is neither liquid nor solid, but the right thickness makes it an ideal choice for making wax infused joints or blunts.

Wax concentrates vary in appearance and texture, depending on the extraction process. That is why you can find sub-categories such as sugar wax or crumble, also known as honeycomb wax. Nevertheless, a wax pre-roll will give the best for your joints because of their high potency.

Live Resin Joints

A live resin joint is made by infusing regular rolls with a live resin cannabis concentrate. This is another most common cannabis concentrate infused in joints and blunts. It is made by washing plants with hydrocarbon solvents like butane and ethanol. This process separates trichomes from other plant matter, resulting in a high-quality extract.  

A live resin pre-roll will give you a powerful experience and unique flavor for your evening joint. It is an excellent way to boost the potency and taste of an infused blunt.

Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

A diamond infused pre-roll is an example of high THC pre-rolls that will get you high as soon as you take your first puff. Diamond joints are made with THCa which converts to THC through heat. So, the potency of any diamond pre-roll will skyrocket as soon as you light it up.

However, THCa diamonds are not the best choice if you want a flavorful joint. They don’t have any taste, just like other distillates. For that reason, some diamond joints are infused with live rosin or resin to add flavor.

Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth It?

An infused pre-roll price depends on the size and concentrates infused into it. But before we answer the question, let’s talk about infused pre-roll vs regular.

An infused pre-roll is more potent, especially diamond joints. The THCa in these joints is higher than in a regular flower. That is because of the high concentration of THCa in a distillate. As a result, an infused pre-roll burns slower but hits harder.

It also depends on the type of concentrate used. For instance, pre-rolls with kief and wax are less strong and flavorful than the ones infused with high-end extracts such as resin or rosin. The latter will be a worthy infused pre-roll because they have more natural terpenes and are much heavier than blunt with wax and kief.

So, are infused pre-rolls worth it? Yes. The quality cannabis concentrates infused in these pre-rolls enhance the potency and flavor, making them a worthy choice.

Best Infused Pre-Rolls Brands You Can Find at The Lodge

Now that you know the infused pre-roll meaning and different types, are you ready to spice up your joint with these products? If yes, you can find the best infused pre-rolls at The Lodge. Whether you want kief-covered pre-roll or Kaviar pre-rolls, you can get it all at our dispensary.

The Lodge stocks the strongest pre-rolled joints from reputable brands, including the following:


Kaviar infused pre-roll

Kaviar is a famous brand known for Kaviar joints, such as Kaviar garlic pie. These are pre-rolled cones with kief and also infused with oil. They are ready to use and wrapped in a luxurious Kaviar-branded glass tip.

Choose Kaviar if you need next-level pre-rolls. The Lodge also has Rose MacGolden Lemon Haze Sativa, and Star Kush Indica pre-rolls. These all come in premium quality and unbeatable prices.


Dadirri infused pre-roll

Like Kaviar joints, Dadirri also comes second with top-of-class products. Its entire product line offers consumers a cleaner, tastier, and more cannabis experience. Dadirri pre-rolls are some of the best products for hiking and a deeper connection with nature.

The Lodge has many Dadirri pre-rolls you can consider, including the following:

One Eleven

One Eleven rosin pre-roll

One Eleven is focused on preserving the terpenes of their infused pre-rolls. The joints are well packaged in transparent glass tubes. The Lodge brings these products closer to you and at your convenience. You can check out Skunk Daddy Rosin Stick Pre-Roll or Bubble Tragik Rosin Stick Pre-Roll to spice up your evening.

The Flower Collective

The Flower Collective bubble joints

The Flower Collective is another reputable brand that started making Bubble Hash-infused pre-rolls in 2015. They also made Bubble Blunts in 2016 before adding rosin-infused joints to their product line in 2018. The company currently produces a whole lineup of house-harvested and strain-specific infused pre-rolls famed for high quality.

You can buy the following pre-rolls from The Flower Collective at The Lodge:


Eureka infused pre-roll

Eureka is one of the oldest companies and pioneers of CO2 extraction process. This award-winning company is known for making high-end cannabis products at the lowest prices. They put customers first and always meet quality expectations with flavorful and potent infused pre-rolls. You can check out their GG ClassicPetrol Punch Classic, or Super Lemon Haze Classic infused pre-rolls at The Lodge.


Xiaolin pre rolls

Xiaolin pre-rolls are known for their luxurious packages. They are wrapped with a lustrous gold leaf, indicating the quality of cannabis rolls inside. Your attention will also be drawn to the handsome red lettering and polished inner tubes when you open the box. The strains under the beautiful wrap are a perfect combination of Electric Lemon G flower and Electric Lemon G. They are the best if you like live resin pre-roll for enhanced flavor and potency.

Where Can You Buy Infused Pre-Rolls in Denver?

Are you looking for high-quality pre-rolls at the best price? The Lodge offers a variety of infused joints from reputable manufacturers. Visit any of our dispensaries or check our menus to buy the infused pre-rolls already mentioned and more. We guarantee the best service and experience with our staff!

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