Sugar Wax THC

What Are Sugar Wax THC and Live Sugar Dabs?

The use of the cannabis plant has evolved since its legalization in Colorado. There are many products and ways that stoners enjoy the flavor and the high effects of this plant. Some stoners prefer smoking the flower, using edibles, or going for the concentrates.

We will switch our attention to concentrates, and specifically sugar wax. The number of cannabis concentrates is so many that we cannot discuss them all here. Our discussion will be about sugar wax, what it is, how to make it, its THC value, and how to use it?

Sugar dabs

Sugar wax, also known as sugar dab, falls in the same category of cannabis concentrates made through the BHO process. Its name originates from its sugar-like appearance. A sugar wax dab looks more like a wet sugar that is yet to melt.

Sugar wax weed has a broad spectrum of color depending on the concentration and condensation process during manufacturing. The color ranges from yellow to amber, with many intermediaries. Sugar wax is semi-crystalline with varied consistencies also depending on the manufacturing process.

Sugar wax concentrate has many medicinal uses, just like other marijuana dabs such as the shutter, live resin, butter, ice wax, etc. The high potency of cannabis sugar wax is the desirable property that makes this one of the commonly used dabs.

What is sugar wax THC?

As mentioned, weed sugar wax is valued for its high THC content. Many medical conditions are relieved using this psychoactive compound. But what is the potency of cannabis sugar wax?

Sugar wax concentrate is one of the purest products of marijuana, with THC levels ranging from 60% to 90%. The high THC and CBD in the sugar wax dab are what are responsible for its potency. Cannabis sugar wax also does not lose much of its terpene content during processing, making it a vital product for medical patients.

However, the potency and medicinal value depend on the quality of the cannabis plant used.

How Is Sugar Wax Concentrate Made

Sugar wax concentrate is made just like any other cannabis concentrates. The process is BHO, and you are advised not to try it at home if you don’t have the machines needed. The butane gas and ethanol used in the process are highly flammable and can result in fatal fire accidents.

Sugar wax was accidentally discovered. How was that even possible? Through the natural process of condensation and crystallization, lipids can break down and turn into sugar wax. The result was a product that was visually appealing and with a high terpene and flavor profile. Since then, people have taken it to the next level to intentionally process cannabis plants and sugar dabs.

Sugar wax is made from either dried buds or fresh but frozen cannabis, which results in live resin sugar. That is why some people refer to sugar wax as live sugar. The process is done through butane extraction or other appropriate solvents. The solvent removes cannabinoids and terpenes from the source material, and the result is agitated through a process called nucleation. The result is a moist, waxy product with a sugar-like texture. This entire process is comparable to extracting sugar from the sugar cane plant. A vacuum oven is also used to precipitate the product, thereby forming crystalline consistency.

The color of sugar wax changes significantly during the processing. Based on the solvent and cannabis flower used, you can get brown sugar wax, gold sugar wax, pink sugar wax, and many other color profiles.

How Do You Smoke Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax concentrate can be consumed in many different ways, but dabbing and vaporization are common and recommended. To use any of the mentioned methods, you will need either a dab rig or a portable vaporizer. However, you need to ask your vendor if it is safe to vaporize sugar wax concentrate using that particular product.

Dabbing is, by far, the most appropriate method for consuming sugar dabs. That is because the dab rig is designed to only allow the vapor to pass through, eliminating chances of inhaling carcinogen compounds formed as the concentrate burns.

You can also use a joint or bowl to enjoy the high potency of weed sugar wax. To this, simply sprinkle your sugar wax on what you are smoking, and that is it.

What is Live Sugar?

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Live sugar is a form of live resin concentrate with sugar-like consistency, resembling that of honey. It is amber in color and made from a fresh cannabis plant. The processing of the plant is done before curing when its terpene content is still very high.

Live resin sugar wax is highly potent and features rich scents and flavor terpene profiles. The processing of live sugar resin is very complicated and expensive, but the final product is worth it. Live resin sugar is recommended to those who want highly potent and flavorful cannabis products.

Live Resin Sugar: How to Use

Like sugar wax concentrate, live sugar wax is mainly consumed through dabbing. You can also consume live resin through vaping or topping in a bowl or joint. If you want to dab live resin sugar, you will need a dab rig, dab tool, torch, and water. There is nothing different between dabbing live sugar wax and dabbing other cannabis concentrates. It should be a straightforward process for you if you are an experienced stoner.

How to Store Sugar Wax Dabs?

Make sure your sugar dabs do not lose their terpene profile during storage. An airtight container is preferred to preserve the taste and scent of your sugar wax, but that is not all. You also need a cool place. So, where should you store your sugar wax?

To be safe, store sugar wax concentrate in the fridge if you have one. But if you don’t, consider any other container with a tight lid and always keep it closed. You can consider placing the container and its content on the floor to keep it cool. For more information, check out our detailed post on how to store cannabis concentrate.

Failing to store weed sugar wax in the right place can result in rapid degradation of the product. It will dry out quickly and lose its taste and smell.

Where to Buy Sugar Wax Concentrates in Denver?

You can easily find sugar wax dabs in many dispensaries in Denver. But if the quality is prime to you, you will not walk into just any dispensary for this product. Visit The Lodge Dispensary for high-quality cannabis sugar wax at the best price.

Sugar Wax FAQs

How do you use sugar wax concentrate?

You can consume sugar wax through dabbing, vaping, or topping to your joint or bowl. But dabbing is the recommended method.

Is sugar wax better than shatter?

Shatter is stronger but with a weaker aroma compared to sugar wax. But the two are cannabis concentrates with the same medicinal benefits.

Live resin and sugar wax, which is more potent?

The THC potency of all cannabis concentrates is nearly the same. The slight variations are caused by the differences in the cultivar cannabis used and the processing. So, you can expect live resin and sugar wax to have the same THC content.

Is sugar wax edible?

Sugar wax is edible if infused in food products. Sugar wax is also used to make a range of edible products, just like other cannabis concentrates. It is even easier because the extraction is already done.

Can you cook with sugar wax?

Yes, but you need to bake for at least 30 minutes at a temperature of about 250 degrees Celsius. That is to allow CBDa to break down to CBD and solvents to melt into liquid.

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