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All About Cannabis Concentrates

A cannabis concentrate is a highly potent mass containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These are the most popular ways to consume cannabis and resemble with honey or butter in their appearance. We can say that concentrates are the kind of products that have been formulated and processed in such a way to contain only the necessary compounds such as Cannabinoids and terpenes while removing all the other extra compounds and impurities.

Cannabis concentrates have found their use in a lot of products such as brownies and muscle creams. They are widely available in the market and they let you experience or consume cannabis in a number of ways such as shatter, budder, wax, etc. They are extracted in such a way as to give the consumers the ultimate experience of a high dose of cannabis yet at the same time giving them relief from the burnt plant matter. These concentrates are gaining more and more popularity day by day and due to that reason, there are many types of them.

Types of Concentrates

The types of concentrates are so much in number that it is very difficult to keep a record of all of them. Different types are produced using different solvents and extraction methods and every type gives a different experience to consumers while consuming it.

There are several extraction processes for concentrates such as ice water extraction, butane hash oil, propane hash oil, and CO2 hash oil extraction. Following are some of the types of cannabis concentrates which are formulated using different extraction processes.


Wax is a form of concentrate that’s made using a method in which a solvent is mixed with the plant material and then by providing heat at low temperature and whipping it, a product like whipping cream is formed.


Shatter is another form of concentrate which gets its name due to its resemblance with the brittle glass that shatters upon hitting. In the same manner, this also shatters when force is applied to it and it is formed using CO2 extraction processes.


Budder or batter is made using the same extraction process as wax but with a shorter time to apply heat and whipping. It resembles in its appearance with butter so it is called as budder.

Live Resin

Live resin is a concentrate that is new in the market but due to its remarkable results, it is succeeding in gaining a lot of popularity among the users. It is different from other types in such a way that it is frozen immediately after being harvested. This helps this product to keep its properties such as potency, aroma, and flavor in the final product after all the process is done.

Moon rocks

Moon Rocks are prepared using a high-grade flower as a base and then this is covered using hash oil and then, in the end, it is coated with kief dust. The resulting product resembles rock in its structure, hence the name Moon Rock. Moon Rocks can be consumed using a bong or a pipe.

THC Diamonds/Sugar

Diamonds and sugars are the two different and newer concentrate products which are gaining more and more popularity day by day. Their name indicates their resemblance with sugar and diamond and they are formulated using a different process. They need extra time to convert into the final crystallized form. Diamonds or sugar concentrates can be consumed by using a dab rig or vape pen.

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  1. Kinda of a silly question, but do you smoke or vap all butter, shatter ,wax & resin the same way?

    Are they specific to vaps or buds?

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