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What is Bubble Hash, and How to Use It?


Bubble hash (also known as water hash or ice water hash) is one of the cannabis concentrates in the market today. Though not common, Bubble hash has been around for decades and has become a staple product for many stoners.

For experienced stoners looking for a pure cannabis product, this is the perfect choice for you. It is increasingly becoming popular because of its high potency, versatility, and safety. You can put it in everything consumable and it can be used in different ways.

We will explain everything about bubble hash, including the best way to make Bubble hash, in this post. Here is an ultimate guide to water hash, its potency, making Bubble hash at home, storage, and uses.

What is ice water hash?

Bubble hash is a refined cannabis product with a much higher THC value. It comes in different colors, depending on the quality and method used in making it.

This cannabis concentrate is made by extracting trichomes from the buds. Trichomes are the hair-like structures in the bud and contain most of the psychoactive ingredients. The name, Bubble hash, originates from how the product reacts when smoked. It forms bubbles.

In usual Cannabis products, the trichomes are diluted with other plant matter, leading to lower potency. Bubble hash has more CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids to get you high and relieve your pain. But that also depends on the method used to make bubble hash.

Making Bubble hash

In this section, we will describe how to make bubble hash at home. Different methods for extracting trichomes from the flower bud exist, but the DIY approach remains the preferred one. The most common methods include the following:

• Butane extraction
• CO2 extraction
• Alcohol extraction
• Ethanol extraction
• Ice water extraction

In this article, however, we will only talk about the last method, Ice water extraction. The other techniques require advanced bubble hash machines in the factories, what you might afford at home.

Ice water extraction method

Here, we will answer your question on how to make bubble hash using the ice water extraction method. You need ice water and a series of sieving screens, which are sometimes called water bags. The cannabis flower buds are put into ice water inside bubble bags. With the help of screens of different sizes, trichomes are separated from other plant matter.

This mixing process is followed by agitation, a combination that breaks out the plant and pushes the product through sieves. Here, you can use finer sieves to get a higher quality and more refined product. To achieve that, arrange bubble bags of different sieve sizes. The one with the smallest micron should be the first one to go into the bucket. The logic here is to trap as much plant material as possible while allowing the trichomes to pass through.

After agitation, your bubble hash is ready for collection. This is also a process that is done in stages. First, pull out the top bubble bag. This is usually full of cannabis plant matter with negligible trichomes. The second one contains a low-grade bubble hash, which appears darker in color. Empty its content into the next bubble bag, and continue with this collection and filtration process until the last bag at the bottom of the bucket. You can also keep the content of each bag separately if you need different grades of bubble hash.

Drying bubble hash is the final step. Do this using a micron screen or cotton muslin cloth. You can also use a freeze dryer for long-term storage or a faster way of drying your Bubble hash filtrate.

In making bubble hash, you can also opt for the dry ice method. However, you will not get as much quality as you would with the previously described method. Making water hash using the technique described here is preferred if potency and quality are your primary goal.

What is full melt hash?

A full melt hash is the purest bubble hash that can be achieved through the ice water extraction method. The process remains the same, with the only difference being the smaller sieves are used in the filtration. This means that as many cannabis plant materials as possible are filtered out.

You can tell a full melt hash from other bubble hash concentrates. First, it largely bubbles away when dabbed or smoked, leaving behind small amounts of white ash. Secondly, it has a light blonde color, indicating its purity. Bubble hash has varied colors depending on how refined it is. A darker one is less pure.

Bubble hash is rated on a scale of one to six, with six-star being the purest, most refined, and highest quality. You can also approximate the potency of the product based on the grading scale. A whole cannabis plant has a THC value between 10-30%. A traditional hash, on the other hand, can have up to 50% THC. A bubble hash concentrate has between 30- 60% THC, with pure melt hash being on the higher end of the scale.

How to use bubble hash

Bubble hash can be used in different ways depending on personal preferences. Assuming that your product is ready for consumption, you can consume it through:


It is easy to smoke bubble hash if you already have a hash pipe. And since this refined product can fly all the way into your mouth, you need to add a filtering mesh to your usual smoking pipe. Many stoners have reported that their hash pipes are ideal but may not be the best way of consuming bubble hash.

Using a Kol pipe may give you an unforgettable experience with full melt bubble hash or any other grade. This is a revolutionary device designed with cooling and filtering features to stop anything from making its way into your mouth when smoking.

It’s also a great idea to add bubble hash to your joint or purchase a pre-made bubble joint or bubble cone.


You can dab a bubble hash concentrate, but it is better to go for a full melt hash. That is because dabbing requires the concentrate to melt effortlessly on your nail, leaving behind as little residue as possible. There are different melt factors of ice water hash, depending on the purity.


Vaping is another way of consuming your bubble hash. This method requires a vaporizer, and you will also need refined ice water hash. It is recommended to break down the Bubble hash into the smallest particles possible for vaping.


Get creative with your cooking if you are a stoner. You can sprinkle the bubble hash in your pot as one of the spices. Some people even add it to the tea in the cup, salad, and many other edibles. It is one of the best ways of making yourself high if you need this cerebral stimulation to get your day started.

How to store ice hash

Ice hash requires proper storage to preserve the THC and other psychoactive contents, just like other cannabis concentrates. The method you choose for storage depends on the storage period, and freezing has stood out as the best method. Learn more about cannabis concentrate storage from our previous post on this topic.

Where to buy bubble hash in Denver

Begin your day with a taste of bubble hash, or end it in style with a high-quality product from The Lodge Dispensaries. Our ice water hash is made through a natural method that is safe for consumption through smoking, vaping, dabbing, or cooking, whichever your favorite. Visit our dispensaries for ice bubble hash and bubble joints at the best price.

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