How to store concentrates

How To Store Shatter, Dabs, Wax And All Your Favorite Concentrates Properly

The vast majority think about cannabis edibles like chewy candies, pastry and cookies, but if you are new to the universe of the cannabis consumption, you may have missed a famous creation – concentrates. The name justifies itself with real evidence. In common, the final result is a concentrated portion of cannabinoids contained in blossom. However, while bloom contains somewhere in the range of 10 to practically 30% of THC or up to 15% of CBD, extracts arrive at the level of up to 99%. There are numerous approaches to make concentrates, and they come in numerous shapes and structures.

Anyway, when you have picked your preferred concentrate from a wide scope of producers deliberately chose by the Lodge, you brought it home, perhaps tried a touch of it, what shall you do straightaway?

Unlike edibles that have a fairly short time span of usage, a concentrate can keep going for quite a long time and even many years, in case of appropriate storage. In general, it does not depend on what kind of concentrate you are going to store. At the point when you store a cannabis concentrate (wax, dab, shatter, kief or oil), your definitive objective is saving its properties. Let us give you several pieces of advice to save your concentrates for as much time, as you may need. (Сheck out how to properly store weed as well.)

Up to 1 week

In case you’re just expecting to take care of the dabs for a couple of days, silicone holders are probably not going to do any harm, and their price makes them desirable for quick storage. Simply pick a chilly and dry spot, ensure the holder is hermetically sealed, and don’t touch it except if you’re smoking. They’re rarely transparent, but simply ensure you’re picking a dark case.

Up to 1 month

In case you’re needing to keep weed protected for some time longer, glass is the best approach. As we referenced previously, you’ll need a sealed case, which you’ll keep in a cool spot. Before placing your dabs in there, split it up into little pieces and envelop every one of them with paper. When you have the pieces wrapped up, put them into a food-safe resealable plastic bag. From that point, you can place your dab in the glass compartment.

Between 6 months and 1 year

On the off chance that you need a dab that can last longer away, you’ll need to go for an alcohol-based tincture. Because, when you use a sanitized, hermetically sealed glass jug and keep it in a temperature-controlled area, it can last as long half a year, or possibly a year. This, obviously, is given with no added substances or glycerine in the arrangement, as these could turn sour sooner and ruin the entire flavor.

Freezing your cannabis concentrates

In case you have wax, shatter, or oils and are hoping to store them for an exceptionally lengthy timespan, you don’t have numerous choices except freezing your stuff. Freezing, then again, can be dangerous since the process can influence the structure of your weed in case you’re not cautious. One issue with freezing is that it might open your concentrates to humidity, which will debase its quality. In addition, freezing can harm the unpredictable synthetic substances inside, which results in the danger of losing intensity.

Here is the approach by which you can freeze your concentrates with as little danger as could reasonably be expected. Due to the high content of dry soluble substances, the concentrates are not subject to microbiological deterioration during storage and do not require additional preservation methods. However, an increase in storage temperature can cause undesirable reactions. On this basis, keep the concentrates at a temperature no higher than 0 ° C.

Freezing is based on cooling the concentrate below its freezing point. The freezing of your oils is based on the fact that the solvent crystallizes and the dissolved substances remain in the fluid. At the point when you finally need to use your solidified concentrates, the basic part here is that you permit them to defrost gradually since the cycle will make moisture that could destroy your concentrate.

Regardless of the duration of the storage, make certain to date your holders so you remember how long your dabs are there.

The result did not meet expectations?

If you’re just getting acquainted with concentrates and don’t want to waste time creating conditions for storing them, or you didn’t succeed the first time, don’t get upset. You can always turn to our bar for help. Budtenders will choose the most suitable composition of a concentrate especially for you and tell about the right storage method for each oil and wax. Finally, every Monday you get 20% discount on all concentrates! So, we are looking forward to seeing you next Monday!

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