Thelodgecannabis Black Friday

Best Black Friday Cannabis Deals in The Lodge dispensaries

Find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cannabis Deals in Denver. Buy your favorite products with great value!

Sinsere 100mg chocolates

4 for $44
8 for $88


Dadirri Solventless bubble cones 2 for $22
Ascend infused joints 2 for $16

Dadirri joint

Buy 3 eighths get the 4th for a penny

Buy a half oz reserve get a 500mg ascend cart 20% off
Buy 3 Green dot live resin carts get an eighth 50% off

Self care promo

Buy any topical full price get a patch, bath bomb, or joint for 20% off
Buy any tincture full price get a patch, bath bomb, or joint for 20% off

topical, patch, bath bomb, and joint

Ascend Relief, active, bliss, and relax 500mg carts

4 for $90
8 for $180

ascend carts

Nokhu Labs Rosin

4 for $150

Nokhu Labs Rosin

Denver Dab Co. Live Resin

4 for $125

Denver Dab Co. Live Resin

Pot Pies

Buy one get on for $1

pot pies

Flower Promo

Mix and match Platinum oz 20% off

All Accessories/Clothing

20% off with any purchase of $50 or more

Ripple relief packs

buy one get one for $1

Ripple relief packs

Max out deal *Best all in one Promo!*

2g Denver Dab co or Kush masters Live resin
1 10mg Lick it Lollipop
1 10mg keef cola
2 500mg Bonanza Cartridges
2 Eighths or 1 Quarter Platinum Flower
1 Ascend Infused preroll
1 10mg wonderland Pixie stick
All your favorites $199.50 OTD

Max out deal - Best all in one Promo

Cyber Monday!

Online orders receive 20% off at check out!


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