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Cheapest Recreational Dispensary in Denver Colorado


There are many dispensaries in Denver, Colorado, where you can buy various types of cannabis products. But if you don’t know the cheapest dispensary in Denver, you will be exploited for whichever product you buy. Due to hiked prices in some dispensaries, some users resort to street vendors. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but you can never be guaranteed the quality of the product you buy.

If you are looking for a cheap dispensary in Denver for quality cannabis products, move no further than The Lodge Cannabis. You can check out all our deals, which you can use to enjoy your high-quality cannabis products at the most competitive price. In this post, we will discuss our cheapest weed products at the Lodge Recreational dispensaries. These can be found in our menus, just in case you also need to check them out.

Cheapest Weed in Denver

If you are looking for cheap weed in Denver, then look no further. The Lodge Cannabis is the cheapest dispensary in Denver you can go to for high-quality weed at the best price. Our high-quality cannabis flowers are offered at discounted prices.

You can buy 1/8ths at $14 or a full gram pre-rolls at $5 each. Visit any of our dispensaries in Rino District or Barnum. You will not only find cheap weed in Denver but also enjoy the best customer service experience offered by our staff.

Cheapest Ounces in Denver

The Lodge Cannabis is the place to be if you want the cheapest oz in Denver. We have a wide selection of daily full-ounce deals available at Cannasaver, Weedmaps, and The cost of each ounce can be $69, $79, $99, $115, or $145, depending on the type. The Lodge Cannabis offers one of the cheapest shake ounces in Denver at $39. You see, you don’t have to rob your bank account to get weed ounces at our dispensaries.

We also have other ounce deals tailored just for you. These make The Lodge Cannabis the cheapest recreational dispensary in Denver, and they include the following:

  • $69 Ounce Small Buds & Popcorn
  • Mix and Match ounce for $99 (Limited time only)
  • Mix and Match ounce for $145 (any strain on any shelf)
  • Gelato Cake oz for $135 with 29% THC
  • Durban Kush oz for $120 ($99 Pre-Tax)

Cheapest Concentrates in Denver

Concentrate lovers can only enjoy their best products without feeling exploited at the cheapest dispensary in Denver. Some sellers may hike prices, making you think that concentrates are for a particular class of people. The high costs in some dispensaries should also not drive you into street vendors.

At The Lodge Cannabis, we have the cheapest concentrates in Denver. Our products are competitively priced and maintain high-quality standards. The cost may vary from one product to the other but generally, save at the cheapest Denver dispensary. With our best concentrate deals, you enjoy your favorite products without leaving a hole in your pocket.

The following hot concentrate deals make us the cheapest recreational dispensary in Denver:

  • Humble Farms live rosin – $50 a gram
  • Colorado best dabs live resin – $21 a gram
  • Green Dot Labs silver label live resin – 2 grams for $60
  • Bonanza, White Mousse, Craft, Select, and Mezz cartridges – $25 for each cartridge

Our concentrates deals:

  • Monday daily deal: 20% Off All Concentrate
  • Apothecary farms Live Resin 8 gr for $199
  • Live Resin from Green Dot for 2 for $70

Cheapest Wax and Shatter in Denver

Wax and shatters are also popular weed products in Denver with many lovers. However, many think that they have to overspend to get them. That is not the case because now The Lodge Cannabis sells the cheapest wax in Denver. Whether you are a resident or a visitor looking to get wax or shatter, we are your one-stop shop for quality products at the best prices.

Many connoisseurs who have visited our dispensaries for cheap shatter in Denver keep on coming for more. Our wax and shatter products are of the best quality and competitively priced. You can buy one gram of White Mousse Concentrates champagne wax and shatter at $13 on Cannasaver or take 8 grams for just $90.

The Lodge Cannabis also has incredible shatter and wax deals that give us the title of the cheapest marijuana dispensary in Denver. Visit our dispensary for the following offers:

  • 8 grams for $90
  • 4 grams for $50
  • 1 gram for $15

Cheapest Edibles in Denver

Cannabis edibles are famous for recreational cannabis use. Whether you want to freely pass your afternoon away or just stimulate your mind for a time out with your peers, taking some of these products is the best way to do it. But how do you ensure you don’t drain your pocket?

Buy the cheapest edibles in Denver at The Lodge to save. Our dispensary is known for selling quality edibles at unbeatable prices:

  • Wonderland 10mg Sticks $3 each
  • Canyon 10mg lollipops $5 each
  • Sincere peppermint patties 10mg $6 each
  • Koala Bars 100mg $16 each (best 100mg deal)

We also have cheap edible Denver deals that help you save even further. If you are looking for where you can buy these products at the best price, then visit the Lodge Recreational Dispensary. These deals include the following:

  • Sunday deal: buy one and get one-half off up to the legal purchase limit of CVV 800mg
  • Cannasaver everyday deal: buy one get one half off, limited to one per customer.
  • Buy one get one free: available for 100g edibles, which drops the pricing to about $11 per edible. This deal is applicable for a stock of over 20 different edible brands.
  • Rotating monthly vendor promo: 25% discount, and up to a bogo 50%.

How do you save with our cheap edibles Denver deals? Whether you use the Sunday deal or any other deal, you find the best chance to enjoy high-quality products at lower costs.

Cheapest Dispensary in Denver

The Lodge Cannabis has established itself as the cheapest dispensary in Denver Colorado. It is where residents and visitors buy different cannabis products. Our products, such as weed flowers, concentrates, edibles, wax, and shatter, are high quality and offered at the best prices.

Contact us to know more about our deals and how you can buy quality cannabis products at affordable prices. We guarantee quality and excellent customer service experience.

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