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Best Weed Edibles Prices in Denver at The Lodge Dispensaries


Since the legalization of cannabis products in Colorado, there have been different forms in which stoners can enjoy them. Currently, the most popular form is the marijuana edibles. These are very portable and can be consumed in various forms. These products offer you the most luxurious way of taking your best weed strain. Cannabis-infused food products are fun and delicious, and psychoactive compounds in marijuana are moderately mixed in your favorite snack to give you the best feeling. But how much do edible costs?

The edible prices in Denver, Colorado, differ from one dispensary to the next. In this article, we will focus on the cost of edibles and the best edible deals. You don’t have to pay much for your favorite cannabis edible.

The Lodge Dispensary Edible Prices

Edible prices at The Lodge Dispensary also vary depending on the particular product you want to buy. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy what you cannot afford because we have Indica and Sativa edibles for all groups of people. But first, let’s have a list of edibles that you can expect from our dispensary.

  • Gummies, Chewing Gummies, Rosin Gummies, taffy chews from $20.00
  • Candies (lollipops, sucking candies, caramels) from $5.00
  • Chocolate, Chocolate Bars from $16.00
  • Drinks (soda, sparkling water) from $7.00
  • Crispies and Cookies from $22.00
  • THC Powders (water-soluble cannabinoid precise powder packets, cocoa powder) from $3.00
  • Tinctures and Oils from $20.00
  • THC-infused dehydrated fruit slices from $22.00

You can find any of these products from the two stores managed by The Lodge Dispensary. Check on our edible prices at the store in Barnum or Rino District, where you will get high-quality marijuana edibles at the best price. Just check out our menus for your favorite edible in Denver.

As we have already mentioned, the cost of edible varies depending on many factors. At The Lodge Dispensary, we guarantee the best products with the right cannabinoid content.

What is the Cost of Cheapest Edibles at The Lodge Dispensary?

You can treat yourself with affordable edibles at the Lodge Dispensaries. With just a few dollars, you can buy a range of our products while enjoying great deals and discounts. We have the cheapest edibles in Denver, Colorado, but with quality guaranteed.

Buy your best edible at the lowest cost. Some of our cheapest products and their prices are as follows:

  • Wonderland 10mg Sticks $3 each
  • Canyon 10mg lollipops $5 each
  • Sincere peppermint patties 10mg $6 each
  • Koala Bars 100mg $16 each (best 100mg deal)

Best Edible Deals in Denver

Do be beaten by the high prices of edibles in other dispensaries? At the Lodge Dispensary we have weekend and holiday deals that will make you enjoy the favorite edible and at the appropriate quantity. In fact, every day is our special discounts day on various marijuana products.

We have a long list of deals on marijuana edibles that favor you as the consumer. You do not have to overspend on highly-priced edibles when you can use our Denver Dispensary edible deals to save on the cost of these products. Are you looking for where to buy edible weed at the best price? The Lodge Recreation Dispensary have you covered!

The Lodge Dispensary has the best edibles deals you can check out if you want to enjoy high-quality edibles in Denver. On the list, we have the following:

  • Buy one get one half off on Sundays *to legal purchase limit of CVV 800mg*
  • Buying our edibles on Cannasaver buy one get one half off every day *limit one per customer*
  • Both buy one get one deal drop our 100mg edible pricing to an average of $11 per edible for a stock of over 20 different edible brands.
  • Also, we have rotating vendor promos monthly for discounts of 25% up to a BOGO 50%.

But that is not all! You can check out all The Lodge Dispensary deals and choose what suits your needs. These deals help reduce the cost of edibles while transferring the benefits to you as the consumer. Also, we usually have holiday deals for edible products of your choice. You only find these great offers at our store.

Whether you need weed edibles for recreation or medicinal purposes, you deserve the best at the most affordable price. Our weed edible deals in Denver ensure that you got the best you need at the best prices. Buy healthy and safe edibles at any of our two stores and ask for the listed deals.

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