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Buds vs. Popcorn Nugs – How Similar? How Different?


When you walk into any cannabis dispensary, you will likely see nicely packed buds on the shelves. These occupy the front position on the shelves and are what you are likely familiar with. But you must have also heard of cannabis popcorn nugs if you are a veteran marijuana user. So, what is the difference between popcorn and flower buds?

Before we get into details of what popcorn weeds are, let’s mention that it is not a different strain of weed. Instead, the name refers to the size of the buds, as we will see later in this post. Also, what you usually buy and show off to your buddies are likely not popcorn nugs weed. Then what are popcorn nugs?

Read on to find the main differences between real buds and popcorn buds. We will focus on small buds vs big buds, outlining their differences and similarities in qualities, prices, appearances, uses, and more.

What Are Popcorn Buds?

What is popcorn weed? Our budtenders often get this question from clients who hear it for the first time. Simply put, popcorn (also known as b-buds) refers to small nugs about the size of kernel popcorn. They usually form at the bottom of the plant. Cultivators often trim them to allow the plant to channel its resources to buds high up on the colas.

Fortunately, popcorn nuggets weed still maintains the same quality as regular flowers displayed on the shelves if they are from the best weed strains. Don’t mistake them for low-quality cannabis flowers or moldy buds that produce a strange smell. Provided popcorn buds weed come from a reputable cannabis grower, expect the quality to match full-size buds.

What Causes Small Buds?

To understand what causes popcorn buds, we must first know which part of the cannabis plant these popcorn buds come from. Smaller buds form closer to the soil or lower on the cannabis plant. They are usually the first few buds that female cannabis plants produce when they start to flower. But does that explain why popcorn buds are smaller in size?

We can explain better what causes popcorn buds to be smaller than regular ones you find displayed on the shelves after understanding the cannabis cultivation process. Cultivating cannabis plants is both an art and a science and only should be done by the skilled. To produce the quality buds you are excited about, cultivators must maintain the conditions in the grow room.

Marijuana growers use advanced lighting, heating, and watering technology to ensure the best growing conditions for marijuana. These plants require a uniform distribution of nutrients, correct airflow, and appropriate light intensity. Unfortunately, lower buds do not get as much light as those high up on the colas due to overcrowding. That makes them not grow to their full potential.

Cannabis buds

Weed Popcorn Vs Flower: What’s the Difference?

The first difference between popcorn and flower is the size. The latter is smaller than the former. Popcorn nugs are smaller because they don’t get enough sunlight and airflow as flower buds on higher branches.

Another difference is in appearance. If you compare smalls vs flower buds, you will notice more trichomes covering the regular buds. Trichomes are the sticky substance that often forms on properly cultivated cannabis flowers. Full-size buds also have a better bag appeal. And that is why they are used for display. Due to their small sizes, cannabis popcorn nuggets are not as attractive and are usually not on the shelves.

Apart from size and appearance, popcorn weed prices are also lower. You can save a few bucks when you buy popcorn nugs weed. But are small buds less potent? No. Cannabis popcorn nugget weed may not be as intoxicating as its larger counterparts, but potency is about the same.

Comparing popcorn buds vs shake, the former is superior in quality. Popcorn weed at dispensaries is only sold at discounted prices. But it does not mean compromised quality, as we will see later.

Popcorn Buds Potency

Are small buds less potent than regular flower buds? No. Popcorn buds weed will be as potent as regular-sized ones if they come from the same cannabis strain and cultivator. Usually, they have THC, CBD, CBG, CBVA, and terpene profiles as regular buds. They are only underdeveloped due to the shady conditions and the high temperatures they are exposed to.

Shake vs flower vs popcorn, which is the least potent? That has to be the shake cannabis. This is a type of cannabis flower fragment that breaks off from the buds during handling. And since they are often exposed to air and suffer abrasion, their quality and potency reduce. Unlike shakes, popcorn buds are carefully harvested, processed, and sold to dispensaries. They maintain their quality, all of which are comparable to full-sized nuggets. The only difference is that they lack bag appeal.

However, you cannot compare the quality of mini buds weed to A-plus buds. Since they are underdeveloped, they have slightly fewer trichomes, potency, aroma, and fragrance than large-sized buds on higher branches. But cannabis popcorn nugs are the best choice if you want a less-intoxicating experience. If you are a newbie, start with small weed nugs before competing with veterans for top-quality, full-size flower nuggets.

Is Popcorn Weed Worth It? Talk about cheap weed!

Is Popcorn weed good? Yes. Small weed buds are the best option if you are low on budget or looking for something less-intoxicating. You can buy these at almost half the price of regular buds. But why are small buds cheaper? Lower popcorn flower weed prices are due to how they are harvested and prepared. Let’s get deeper into the process to understand why they are discounted at the dispensary.

Marijuana cultivators try as much as possible to produce quality buds. They do that by trimming or preventing the development of popcorn buds weed, which save valuable nutrients and resources for buds on the top branches. Nevertheless, every cannabis plant still produces at least a few popcorn buds on lower colas.

Most cultivators harvest these small bud weeds, process, package, and sell them to dispensaries at much lower prices to maximize their returns. We also transfer that price advantage to the consumers by the dispensaries, which explains why they are cheaper than large-sized buds. And since they also don’t have bag appeal, lowering the prices is the only way to sell them. They are much more affordable than most cheap weed strains.

For the best weed deals, popcorn nugs are second to none. You get the same high THC content that you would have gotten out of bud, but you get to skip the premium price tag attached to those large, dense, photo-ready pieces. We are talking about top-shelf potency at a cut-rate price. You get to toke up on your favorite strains, saving a few dollars, which you can then use to twist something extra or pass something along to your buddies.

Of course, you still want to know that you are getting high quality weed and high THC. You want to snag the best cannabis deals without sacrificing quality in any way. For the most part, you should be able to tell from the first smoke whether or not the quality is the same. If it is, then why not stock up on all of the popcorn nugs you can find? Grab a gram or an eighth of bud for a photo session and then grind up all the popcorn nugs so that you can grab a pinch whenever you want to relax.

Popcorn Buds

Small Buds Vs Big Buds: Final Thoughts

Popcorn nuggets are not that bad compared to regular buds. The only significant difference is their size, which makes them less appealing. Otherwise, these cheap buds can give the same experience as their counterparts. Popcorn may not look the best on social media, you can still count on it for high THC and call popcorn nugs high quality weed, if you are most interested in the high. Don’t let anyone tell you that they feel their bud more than they feel their popcorn nugs: as far as potency goes, the same high THC levels you get in a bud will be there in popcorn nugs, no matter how different the two look.

Check out the best quality popcorn nugs weed at The Lodge dispensaries. Our menus have high-quality big buds and popcorn nugs from your favorite cannabis strains, and we offer the best oz deals in Denver. We guarantee quality and the best service at any of our dispensaries. Our budtenders are always ready to serve you and will recommend the best popcorn nuggets.


Are popcorn buds less potent?

No. Popcorn THC level and other properties can be the same as full-size buds if they come from the same cannabis strain and grower. This is the same as asking if bigger buds are more potent than small ones, and the answer remains no. Small buds weed does not have less THC.

Popcorn vs flower vs shake, which is cheaper?

Regarding the size, the flower bud is the largest, followed by popcorn marijuana and shake. Their quality and prices also follow the same order. Shake is cheaper than popcorn buds weed, which are also more affordable than full-size nuggets.

Why is shake cheaper than popcorn marijuana?

Shake is small-sized and is considered by many cannabis connoisseurs as leftovers. That bad reputation is what makes them cheaper than small weed buds. Additionally, their quality is lower due to exposure during handling.

Are big buds better than small buds?

Yes. Big buds are better because they are fully grown and richer in trichomes than popcorn weed nugs. They have better quality, more intoxicating, and irresistible bag appeal. These pros of full-size buds over small cannabis buds are what make them more expensive.

Can you smoke popcorn buds?

If you want to know what to do with cannabis popcorn buds, the answer is everything you do with full-size nuggets. These cheap buds can be used in many ways, including smoking and vaping. You can also process them into cannabis products such as edibles, rosin, butter, etc. Their small size does not change how you use them.

How do you know the quality of popcorn nugs weed?

Quality popcorn buds have the same properties as fully-grown buds. They should never be moldy, crumble, or have a different smell. You can also check the information on the label to better determine the quality of what you are buying.

Are popcorn buds a strain of cannabis?

No. Popcorn buds weed can be any cannabis strain with small nuggets. The popcorn flower weed meaning comes from its size, comparable to a popped popcorn kernel. They are not a type of cannabis but small-sized nugs that usually form at lower branches of the cannabis plant.

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