Buds vs. Popcorn Nugs – How Similar? How Different?

When you walk into your dispensary and take a look at the display cases, what you see are the best weed deals – that also look presentable. If you try out one or two or a dozen of the strains that your favorite dispensary offers, then you come across high quality weed. You may find some favorite strains, and when you take a picture of them, you share it with your friends, bragging about your latest haul. This sounds like an enjoyable afternoon, right?

Did you ever wonder what the difference between “bud” and “popcorn nug” is? There are differences. They may not be as great as you have assumed them to be, though. Bud – which is what you are probably used to seeing – is the large, dense part of the cannabis flower that we mostly associated with high quality weed. When it remains in one big chunk, we call that chunk “bud.” This is a matter of size and consistency only.

For anyone who is interested in finding cheap weed, bud may not be the best option. As tempting as it is to shell out for bud every time you want to spark one up and get a little high, you can look beyond the standard. As photogenic as bud is, it is definitely not the best example of cheap weed. For the best weed deals, in fact, you need to see what else is out there. You owe it to yourself to consider all of your options.

Say you are asking yourself “Where are the weed deals near me?” In that case, you may be better off going with popcorn nugs. These are smaller, lighter pieces of weed. They may not look as delicious or as impressive, but if they come from the same strain and the same producer, they will roughly equal the potency that you would get out of bud. That’s right: if you are looking for effects more than anything else, popcorn nugs can deliver – at a fraction of the price.

Talk about cheap weed!

For the best weed deals, popcorn nugs are second to none. You get the same high THC content that you would have gotten out of bud, but you get to skip the premium price tag attached to those large, dense, photo-ready pieces. We are talking about top-shelf potency at a cut-rate price. You get to toke up on your favorite strains, saving a few dollars, which you can then use to twist something extra or pass something along to your buddies.

Of course, you still want to know that you are getting high quality weed and high THC. You want to snag the best cannabis deals without sacrificing quality in any way. For the most part, you should be able to tell from the first smoke whether or not the quality is the same. If it is, then why not stock up on all of the popcorn nugs you can find? Grab a gram or an eighth of bud for a photo session and then grind up all the popcorn nugs so that you can grab a pinch whenever you want to relax.

Although cheap weed in the form of popcorn may not look the best on social media, you can still count on it for high THC. You can still call popcorn nugs high quality weed, if you are most interested in the high. Don’t let anyone tell you that they feel their bud more than they feel their popcorn nugs: as far as potency goes, the same high THC levels you get in a bud will be there in popcorn nugs, no matter how different the two look.

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