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Best Weed Ounce Deals in Denver At The Lodge Dispensary


The Lodge Cannabis takes pride in the best Denver weed prices that are unbeatable. We present the highest quality weed products at the most competitive prices. We have prepared a post on the weeds we offer and their best prices. You can check it out.

In this post, we will be talking about our ounce deals. Whether you need medical or recreational weed, The Lodge Cannabis has the best ounce deals Denver that you should check out. You will get your favorite flower at the most affordable price. Also, check all The Lodge deals on various products. Continue reading to discover more about the best ounce deals in Denver that we offer.

Denver ounce deals at The Lodge

The Lodge has many Denver ounce deals to help you save on the next weed you want to buy at the dispensary. Whether you visit our dispensary at Barnum or Rino-District, our deals on ounces in Denver still apply. So, you can check in at any of our dispensaries and ask about the following Denver oz deals:

Best Shake ounce deals in Denver

The Lodge Cannabis shake ounce for $39.

$39 oz of Shake/popcorn multiple strains 24-35% THC.

$69 Ounce Small Buds & Popcorn

This oz deals in Denver comprise the world’s best Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. The deal allows you to get the best for under $100. Visit our dispensary stores today to get our Denver ounce specials when the stock still lasts.

Mix and Match ounce for $99

This is a time-limited ounce deal in Denver offered by The Lodge. If you need any of your favorite packs, then this is one of the best oz deals in Denver, CO that allows you to pick up 1/8 or 1/25 weed ounces without draining your wallet. Look nowhere else for the best ounce deals Denver because we have you covered at The Lodge.

Mix and Match ounce for $145

Our mix and match Denver ounce deals apply to any weed strain at any of our dispensaries. You can call or visit Barnum or Rino-District to get this deal today because all our customers are eligible. It allows you to access your raw marijuana flower without feeling the pain of spending your penny. It is one of the few 100 dollar ounces in Denver liked by both residents and visitors. So, take this opportunity today to enjoy the best that The Lodge has to offer.

Gelato Cake oz for $135 with 29% THC

Look nowhere else for the best recreational flower oz coupons in Denver that will allow you to buy the highly potent Gelato Cake ounce for less. Gelato Cake is a flower for experienced stoners. That is evident in its room-filling aroma, rich flavor profile, and pleasurable experience it gives to the users. Use our Denver ounce deals to buy it now for less.

Durban Kush oz for $99 Pre-Tax ($120 out the door)

There are many ways of taking your favorite weed without draining your pocket, and this is just one of them. We present you with Durban Kush Denver ounce specials. Call us or visit the dispensary to know more about this deal and secure your Durban Kush flower.

Best Oz Deals in Denver

At The Lodge, we have the best ounce deals in Denver, CO. Visit our dispensary stores and take advantage of the deals mentioned in this article. Buy your favorite flower without feeling exploited. The Lodge only sources its flowers from reputable growers and skillfully processes them to maintain their quality. We also offer good deals on ounces in Denver that are comparable to none. With our flower ounce deals, you will feel that you belong to the big boys’ club.

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