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Vape Cartridges: CO2 vs Live Resin

Extensive work and human resources go into extracting marijuana from its plant and reducing its medicinal compounds from it. Let’s learn about the two most popular cannabis extraction methods for producing concentrates such as vape cartidges.

CO2 Vape Cartridges

CO2 is present as a gas at our standard temperature and pressure of the atmosphere. To become a liquid; it must be frozen to reach a supercritical point.

To remove CO2, it is to reach a supercritical point by controlled temperature and pressure to divide into fractions, and by that procedure, it can be removed easily.

There are several reasons as to why CO2 is used for extraction of cannabis.

  • CO2 is a naturally occurring compound. It is present everywhere in the atmosphere; it is produced in our bodies as well.
  • CO2 is the safest non-polar solvents compared to others in its class of non-polar solvents.
  • It is pronounced safe by FDA for extractions on the industrial level, making it a more reliable solution as compared to petroleum-based HydroCarbons such as propane or butane, etc.
  • The solubility of CO2 changes with pressure making it a unique compound, which allows for the fractioning of many of the cannabis strain biomolecules.
  • Many cannabinoids like THC, CBD along with terpenes and many other compounds are extracted with the help of CO2 extraction method.

Live Resin Vape Cartidges

Live resin is a kind of butane hash oil which is made from the fresh and frozen marijuana plant which is cooled at the earliest after its harvest. Fresh Cannabis plants have a different strain of terpenes as compared to cannabis, which is dried traditionally.

A live resin doesn’t necessarily contain a more significant concentration of cannabinoids or terpenes compared to an extract made by a cured flower. Due to the abundance of types of strains and techniques of extractions used to prepare live resins, very large varieties exist today.

The factor that distinguishes live resins among others is the high turpene content . On Average, live resins contain a healthier amount of terpene concentration compared to traditional extracts. The results of this complex terpene concentration are a pungent aroma and an increased high.

These are the factors that influence why live resins have become the preferred process when compared to the traditional method of cannabis extraction. Marijuana concentrate enthusiasts place a much larger price on taste and smell, along with the effect of the extract.

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