7 Fun Things to Do While You’re High


One of the biggest reasons people love cannabis so much is because they say it enhances their experience of daily life. In other words, you may enjoy some of your favorite activities, even more, when you share the experience of them with your friend Mary Jane.

This list should have something for everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, your favorite strain or product, or the type of cannabis experience you enjoy.

There are options ranging from laid back and relaxing to more active and exciting. Let’s get right into it– here are seven of our favorite fun things to do high.

Admire the Stars

There are daytime strains and nighttime strains, and we can certainly enjoy cannabis at just about any time of day. That said, most people seem to think of cannabis as a nighttime activity, especially if they have a lot of responsibilities to tend to during the day.

If you find that your ideal cannabis experience happens after dark, you may want to find a newfound love for the extraterrestrial next time you get high.

You may be able to see plenty of stars from your yard, and it’s also nice to get away from the city and go camping for this one.

Natural beauty often seems even more beautiful for people who feel inspired by cannabis, and you don’t have to limit your awe to our own planet. There’s nothing quite like laying on your back under the night sky in Colorado as an edible wash over you, or after you’ve just enjoyed a smoke session.

Do it by yourself to get lost in thought about past, present, and future, or use this opportunity to have a deep conversation with a close friend.

You don’t need to be an astrophysicist to get excited about stars, black holes, and even metaphysical ideas like wormholes.

Try New Foods

If you’re trying to stick to a strict diet, the munchies may feel like your worst enemy. Plan a meal around your cannabis experience, though, and you’ll be in for a truly special treat.

It’s no secret that many people enjoy their culinary experience even more thanks to the effects of cannabis, so make the most of your munchies by trying a new kind of food. There are lots of ways to go about this, and there’s something for everyone regardless of cooking schools and taste preferences.

If you’re a master in the kitchen (or even if you’d just like to be), try whipping up something new while you’re high. Your creative juices may be flowing if the cannabis strain hits you just right, which could help you make something new and exciting.

Even if you just need to gulp down a healthy green smoothie you’ve been dreading, you might find that the flavors dance across your tongue in an unexpected way once you’ve lightened your mood a bit.

Of course, you can always enjoy your munchies by settling in with some classic snacks as well, and that particular experience pairs especially well with our next tip.

Get Immersed in a Movie or Show

Some people don’t want to be especially active when they’re high, and we totally get it– couch lock is a real thing. Just because you’re feeling extra affected by gravity doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast! Settle in for a Netflix binge, TV marathon, or one of your favorite movies.

Some people have said they love watching sports, game shows, and cheesy sitcoms while they’re high. Whatever you normally like, there’s a good chance you’ll feel especially connected to it once cannabis gives you the giggles or makes you emotional.

Listen to Music

If you’re not in the mood to watch anything when you’re high, you might just want to lay back and enjoy some good tunes. Many people report that sounds are more intense when they’re high, so this could be a good time to try a trippy or experimental album that you haven’t been able to get into yet.

Your normal favorites may sound even better, too, as you may be able to hear it in a new light once you’re feeling slightly altered from cannabis. If you’re really feeling it, get up and dance around a little bit.

You may come up with some creative new moves, and it can feel good to get the blood pumping with an active cannabis experience.

Go for a Walk

Speaking of getting up and getting active, going for a long walk is one of our favorite things to do while high. Some people like to bring a vape with them, but you can also choose a long-lasting option like edibles, tinctures, or concentrates if you don’t want to have cannabis with you in public.

As discussed in our first activity above, nature seems to inspire a special level of awe for some cannabis enthusiasts. Colorado is full of natural beauty, and Denver isn’t half bad either, so plan a special hike or just take a quiet stroll around your neighborhood.

Just don’t try anything too intense like a dangerous hike or rock climbing– it’s good to keep your experience safe and mellow!

Do Something Creative While High

If you enjoy any type of creative pursuit, whether it be writing, painting, making music, or anything else, you might find that cannabis gives you lots of inspiration (check our list of the best strains for creativity).

You don’t have to be a master artist to have fun– even doodling on scrap paper or writing creative snippets in your journal can be tons of fun. Don’t restrict yourself or try to edit too strictly as you go along, and you may be surprised by what you come up with.

You don’t have to put it on display, or even show anyone at any time. Just enjoy the process and let those creative thoughts out of your brain. That said, you may just find that you’re proud of what you create, and it could even turn into a new piece of art for your home.

Read and Learn

A lot of people say that they feel like their consciousness is expanded when they’re enjoying the effects of cannabis, which makes it a great time to read a book. Reading can be just as entertaining as watching a movie, and it’s a great exercise for your brain, too.

Some people have even said it makes it more fun for them to study technical fields like math and computer science– just don’t get too high before you have to take a test.

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