October deals

Additional October Deals


Bundle Deals (Max out Deals)

1 Half oz, 2 Grams of Olio Live Resin, 2 tastebuds gummies for $100
1 Quarter, 4g White Mousse wax/shatter, 1 infused preroll,1 1000mg distillate cartridge for $105
1 Quarter, 4g AO extracts Live Resin, 1 Edible, and 1 Infused preroll for $125
1 Half oz, 2 Edibles, 2g Green Dot (SL) live resin for $145

Enhance your Experience with these Dynamic Duos!

1 Dutch girl stroopwaffels and 1 Keef cola root beer for $26
-add vanilla ice cream to your keef cola and pierce the icecream with the stroopwafel for a medicated rootbeer float!

Mix with sprite For your own personalized Lean!
2 Bosky syrup for $24

The Super sleeper Combo, Sleep great!
2 fast acting Wanna gummies and 2 green hornet cbn for $55

Medicated KooolAid
1 Ripple and 10 wonderstix for $50

The Sucker Punch
2 Cannapunch Drinks and 4 Canyon Suck It lollipops for $38

The Scrumdiddilyumcious bar
Mix and Match 5 Chocolate Bars for $50

Edible Deals

TasteBuds and Wyld edibles 2 for $30
Dialed in Rosin gummies 2 for $45
Canyon Hard Kandies 30% off
GreenHornet and Cheeba Chews 5 for $50
Olio Extracts Live Resin 8g for $125
8g White Mousse for $80

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