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Let Us Explain, Why You Love Sweet Edibles

Today, the cannabis market offers many different forms of this plant. However, the most popular are edibles, namely sweets. If you can’t survive a day without chocolate, and after eating just one candy, you immediately look for the second and third, and if it contains THC and CBD, this delicacy becomes an integral part of your life. And it’s not about willpower, but the nature of things. In our article we will deal with the main reasons why you like sweet THC edibles and how to meet your weed needs.

Unregular meals

When a person eats irregularly, makes long breaks between meals, he has to endure hunger longer. The same goes for the consumption of marijuana. At this point, you want both candies and feel the effect of THC. The reason is that a hungry body requires energy, and the easiest way to get it quickly is by simple carbohydrates or sweets.

What should I do? First of all, it is important to establish a proper regular diet. A nutritionist can help you to do this. Secondly, if you are an eager smoker, I recommend you to take regular small doses of marijuana (recently we wrote about the microdosing of cannabis which will be definitely helpful in that case). This is how you can achieve a sense of joy and peace without unpleasant side effects. Finally, so that you can please yourself and your body, try Taste Budz gum. This is a weed gum, which breathtaking taste and dizzying impressions will not leave you indifferent.

Taste Budz gum


Active work of the brain

In this case, energy is consumed very quickly. As a rule, the brain of students experiences stress during a session. Or employees at work when it is necessary to submit projects, reports, etc. by a certain date. (e.g., accountants).

What should I do? In cases of stress, the brain constantly feels the need for both sweet and THC products. It is better to remove all the sweets from the table so that candies, cookies and other products that increase the caloric value of the diet are not easily available. In this case, you will be helped by drops that are not as caloric as regular sweets, but satisfy the needs of your brain and mind. They slowly release energy, so that you don’t feel hungry for longer. Wana brand suggests you trying these 3 flavors:

● Kiwi Strawberry 1:1 CBD/THC (REC)
● Tangerine Sativa (REC)
● Watermelon Indica (REC)

WANA drops

However, remember that you should not eat only candies. Do not forget to eat a balanced meal between study and work.

Increased physical activity among athletes and fitness fans

The body needs to compensate for very high energy consumption and a sense of peace after heavy exercise. The mechanism of “sweet craving” is the same as for long breaks between meals. But people with high physical activity have a stonger sense of energy and cannabis hunger, and then they want a THC sweet (THC/CBD bath bombs may be a nice addition to them).

What should I do? 30-40 minutes before your workout, eat a calorie but small product that can provide you with energy. For example, a few nuts, a muesli bar, because they consist mainly of nuts, cereals, fruits or dried fruits. Coda Signature produces all these sweets. The design and taste of these candies will not leave you indifferent.

Coda Signature chocolate bar


In addition, there is good news, that every Sunday you may get 1 half off when you buy 1 Edible at The Lodge Bars!


Obvious or hidden, for example, due to long nasty weather. When every morning there is not a very good mood, it is hard to get up, there is no desire to do anything. In this case, just smoking marijuana may not help, again unknowingly want a sweet, because it contributes to the production of serotonin, a hormone of joy. But besides sweets, there are other, less harmful products that increase serotonin levels, such as fruits and dried fruits.

What should I do? We can recommend replacing sweets with dried fruits. Fortunately Coda Signature presents a delicious and colorful collection of fruit notes. However, it should be remembered that dried fruit is also a caloric enough product and should not be consumed without measures.

Coda Signature dried fruit


Smoking cessation

When a person loses a cigarette, he instinctively tries to occupy his hands and mouth with something else – such as sweets. If before, in a stressful situation, he grabs a cigarette, but now he reaches for candy. In the end, one bad habit replaces another.

What should I do? Fortunately, in conditions of consumption of marijuana, it is not necessary to smoke it at all. Just take a look at our Menu and you will be pleasantly surprised with the range of products containing THC and CBD.


There is a perception that sugar has a harmful effect on the body. For this reason, many strive to completely eliminate sweets from their diet. Doctors warn us not to do this, because it is in sweets that we often do not get enough of the nutrients from other foods. So why not combine it with a relaxing portion of THC in the Lodge bar?

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