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The 7 Best Ways to Shop Like a Pro at The Lodge Dispensary – Tips & Tricks


There is always plenty of reason to stop in, mingle, and browse at The Lodge. When you go in with a strategy, though, you are bound to wind up even happier with your stash that you would have been.

To help you out along the way and to simplify your experience shopping at The Lodge, we have collected our 7 best tips and tricks. Master these and you can shop like a pro for all of your cannabis flower, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and THC edibles.

1. Become a member for free

When you sign up for a membership with The Lodge, you become entitled to some of the best deals and promotions that we run for limited times only. It’s free right now, but it may not always be that way.

2. Collect points on every dollar that you spend at The Lodge

Every dollar you spend with us, you receive a point, which you can then use for discounts and other incredible offers.

3. Hit 500 points and get $25 off

Hit 500 points, and we are going to give you $25 back. Yes – you will receive a full 5% off the money you have spent. Remember, though: points only count if you are a member.

4. Spend $500 and get a chance at 10% in additional savings

Because we want to help you save even more, you may even get an additional 10% off once you hit 500 points. If you bring your receipt in, you can use it for the additional discount on a non-promotional item, bringing your total discount to 15%.

5. Sign up for free text message notifications about insider deals

We are not making these deals available for everyone. Signing up through our website, you can receive discounts from either of our stores, and we will let you know via text once those apply. Imagine waking and baking only to get that kind of a surprise!

6. Write a review of one of our strains and earn a free joint

At The Lodge, we care about our customers’ opinions, and we want to hear what you think about our strains. That is why, any time you review one of the strains on our website, you will receive a free joint worth $2.50.

7. Buy one edible and get one half-off every Sunday

You may have never known all of the sweet and delicious treats you were missing. As an insider, you should know that every Sunday, we offer buy one get one half-off on all of our edibles. This is just one of the wonderful deals you will find at The Lodge, too. See Our Menu here.

Bonus Tip – Chat with our budtenders!

There is no one more knowledgeable about what is going on at The Lodge than our friendly budtenders. For some of the most up-to-date information, ask some questions and tell us what intrigues you most. Who knows – you may wind up getting even more than you bargained for your next time around! At The Lodge Cannabis, we offer best Cannabis deals in Denver, Colorado, Voted for best dispensary in Denver. Check out best cannabis deals.

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  1. Best deal in Denver. You will never miss going to The Lodge Cannabis. They offer best quality products and best deals in Denver


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