Microdosing Marijuana

What is Microdosing Weed and How to Microdose Marijuana

The growing number of people smoking cannabis calls for reducing consumption through microdose. Considering the growing popularity of cannabis consumption, we will discuss features of microdosing of cannabis.

What does microdosing cannabis mean?

Microdose involves the use of small amounts of cannabis for its benefit. THC should be chosen so that may interfere with your daily life.

Scientists compared the microdoses of one of the cannabinoids to placebo and found that the substance was indeed effective in preventing intense pain. At present, doctors are avoiding prescribing it to treat patients because of difficulty in dosage. The first study in this area has shown how much it produces without side effects.

The study was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of two microdoses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for patients with chronic pain. The result was compared with placebo and concluded that microdosed THC are effective, safe and do not cause psychoactive side effects in patients with neuropathic pain and regional pain syndrome.

The experiment, described by New Atlas, involved 27 patients divided into three groups. The first two participants inhaled 0.5 mg and 1 mg of THC using the Syqe inhaler, while the rest received a placebo.

The dosage of 1 mg of THC used in the study is about 5-10 times weaker than the usual low psychoactive dose of THC, the authors explained.

A significant reduction in intense pain was only achieved in the THC group, observations showed. Apart from the reduction of pain, the scientists did not reveal any signs of cognitive impairment.

It is worth noting that the experiment studied the effect to reduce only acute condition – one microdose of THC stabilized the patient for more than 2 hours. Therefore, it is not yet possible to draw a conclusion about the safety and effectiveness of long-term microdose of THC, the scientists stressed.

“The dosages used were very low, so their therapeutic use requires high accuracy,” concluded the researchers.

Best ways to take microdoses

Everyone knows that cannabis can be taken in a huge number of different ways. And because of that, there are just as many microdose methods. But depending on your preferences, there are usually three main methods from which people can choose.

It should be noted that 14 milligrams is the recommended average amount for microdose. Depending on your level of tolerance to matter, you can raise or lower this bar. 20 milligrams is considered the optimal dosage for those who have already had some experience with weed.


For those who have not heard much about microdose, it is very easy to get involved in a full smoking session without knowing how much cannabis they take at a time.

In fact, burning weed gives a person the least amount of dose control. And smoking in itself has a fairly strong effect on the psychoactive properties of THC.


It is a much safer method in terms of lung load and dosing measurements. Vaporizers are a relatively new way of taking THC and, from personal experience, I can tell you that the effect will be much smoother than just smoking.


For those who don’t smoke, there’s also a way to take marijuana – eating in these cases has always been the most popular way. And that’s the easiest way to measure the dosage, because all producers mention the CBD/THC amount (check our menus). However, it should be noted that the psychoactive effects of this method of consumption are strikingly different from what people receive when they inhale smoke or hemp evaporation. The effect grows gradually, not in the head immediately.

It is also worth noting that marijuana food should be taken on a full stomach. If taken on an empty stomach, even in small doses, the effect will be quite strong.

Tip #1: Don’t expect to feel anything

The main reason people use microdosage is to prevent them from rising noticeably or forming stones. The goal is to consume very low doses of hemp while still benefiting from the benefits.

It is very important to practice micro-dosage at home before you start working, for example. There are many cannabis products that are designed to give a certain maximum. It is therefore recommended that you take the right dose and eventually reduce it. From top to bottom.

Tip #2: Maintain the right balance between work and personal life

We all know that cannabis is a very powerful plant and that its effects can vary from person to person. If you are experimenting with cannabis microdose, it is best to start this habit at home.

Once you have found the ideal dose at home and are confident in its dosage, consider using it during the day to increase productivity. Also apply here, remain calm and always in control.

Tip #3: Calm down

It is always advisable to start with a low dose and learn about the different ways to eat. You can smoke, evaporate oils, eat food etc.

The smoke and vapor method may come into effect after 5 minutes and make you feel better. If you are just starting with the evaporation method, you can try to breathe in up to a quarter of your lung or half of your lung.

For microdoses with food, it is best to look for foods where the CBD exceeds THC. If you don’t experience the effects immediately, wait for a while as it may take longer before the food (including sublingual) becomes active and visible.

Tip #4: Think before sharing this with others

For some, micro-dosage effects may be immediately noticeable by others. Your friends, partners and family may notice you when you have used small amounts of cannabis in small doses.

You can choose whether you want to discuss this with them or not. If you choose to talk about it, remember that not all people have the same cannabis facility as you. Others may think about it too, and this could be another opportunity to talk about it with their curious friends.

Tip #5: Realize your responsibility

It is always helpful to talk to your doctor or doctor about the microdosage. Make sure you recognise your responsibility by checking the extent to which you are administering the microdosage and always make sure you do not have important deadlines to influence if you decide to take the microdosage.


Theoretically, any form of cannabis can be used in small quantities, to stimulate the sensation and pleasure. If you are curious about trying an ultra-low dose, a dose of 0.0002 mg/kg is recommended for an individual weighing. This is approximately 0.014 mg (or 14 mg) for a 150 lb (70 kg). This dose is 100 times below the standard limit (1-2 mg THC) when the kicking in effect of THC begins. Naturally, not every method of consumption is convenient in calculating microdose. For example, in case of application of pure extracts of marijuana oils, it is better to use no more than one mg of concentrate. It is also difficult to calculate the dose of edibles containing THC, although it is worth noting that at the dispensary of the Lodge a snack with the appropriate THC concentration can be easily purchased. Moreover bartender will recommend you some new products and flavours. Finally you may use a good old-fashioned cigarette, pipe or electronic evaporator to get a stimulating and adjustable effect.

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