Cannabis plant

Marijuana Plant

The Cannabis plant belongs to the Plant Kingdom and the clade of Angiosperms, Eudicots and Rosids. The plant belongs from the order of Rosales, a family of Cannabaceae and the genus of Cannabis. With all this, the plant has three different species; Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. They are considered to be the subspecies of Cannabis sativa, only. The plant is also known as “hemp” for its non-drug use. The herb is used for several purposes except for the drug use; for example, for the production of hemp fibre, and oil from its seeds, its leaves are used as vegetables.

Anatomy of the Cannabis Plant

Following are the few constituents of the Cannabis plant explained.

1. The Roots
The roots of every plant are an essential part. They are the ones absorbing moisture from the soil and providing the whole plant with nutrients. It helps the plant to stand firm in the ground. The roots of Cannabis consist of single taproot. This taproot develops many secondary roots until it turns into a fibrous mass.

2. The Stem or Branches
The stem or branches are how a plant’s nutrients, which are absorbed by the roots of a plant, are distributed mutually among all the other parts of the plants. The stems or the branches are more like a blood vessel in a human body. It carries water and minerals from the roots. It also supports the structure of the plant and helps it to grow vertically.

3. Nodes
The nodes are the connecting points between the branches carrying leaves and the stem.

4. Fan Leaves
The fan leaves of the plant grow in pairs from the stem and are an example of beautiful symmetry. These leaves mark the difference between the species of Cannabis; if the colour of the leaves is green, it belongs to Cannabis sativa, and if the colour is indigo, then it belongs to Cannabis indica. These leaves are another essential part of the plant as these are responsible for photosynthesis and act as the solar panel of the plant.

5. Cola
Cola is located at the top of the plant and constitutes of several buds. Cola is present in female Cannabis only.

6. Stigma and Pistils Stigma is used to collect pollen from the male Cannabis, whereas Pistils contains the reproductive part of the flower. Pistils are hairs of red or orange colour. They are found within the cola.

7. Bract and CalyxThe bract is the part that encapsulates the female flower’s reproductive parts. They are green leaves and are covered with resin glands. Hidden in these Bracts, there is Calyx, which is the ovule of the female flower.

8. TrichomeTrichome is of tiny size. It is a blanket of crystal resin on a bud on the Cannabis plant. It protects the plants from predators and elements. They are used in the hash making.

Male Cannabis Plant

Male Cannabis doesn’t have parts like Trichome, Bract, Calyx, Stigma and Pistils. Instead, it has a cluster of grapes. It produces stamens for the female plant. It is until the pre-flowers that the gender of the plant can be determined.

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