The effects of indica vs sativa

Understanding the Difference between Sativa and Indica


What is the difference between indica and sativa effects?

When you look at a dispensary menu for the first time, it may stand out to you that on every cannabis strain, there are different categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid. These categories tell you what type of plant the cannabis has come from. More importantly, they tell you what effects you can expect from this specific strain. This will answer many questions  you may have when making a decision as to which cannabis you prefer: sativa benefits, indica benefits or  how does a sativa make you feel?

As there are for many different plants, there are many varieties of cannabis. Each strain is unique, but among the strains, there are patterns – which we can trace back to the differences between indica and sativa (or a hybrid of the two). To decide which of the two that you want to have, you can consider what you want to achieve, understanding the differences between indica and sativa strains and how they are going to impact you.

What is an indica (c. indica)?

Cannabis indica plants normally appear short and bushy with wide leaves. They grow quickly and produce large yields and their CBD content is slightly higher than what you would find in sativa plants. Containing more CBD (but also more THC than hemp), cannabis indica plants have become popular among growers because they flower quickly and produce higher yields. They too have become popular in medicine, especially for patients who need relaxation. Many people prefer to consume indica strains at night because of its effects.

Indica effects

  • deep states of both mental and physical relaxation
  • decreased nausea and increased appetite
  • increased dopamine (the “body high” that people talk about)
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced insomnia
  • reduced muscle pain
  • reduced muscle spasms
  • calmer body
  • calmer mind

Indigenous to drylands, indica plants are shorter and bushier than sativa plants. If you find yourself wondering “Does sativa make you sleepy?” and that would be a downside for you, then you may want to consider picking up an indica strain instead. Famous for putting people to sleep and enhancing their ability to relax, indica strains are exceptional at helping you to tone down your energy and get a little rest and relaxation.

What is a sativa (c. sativa)?

An annual herbaceous flowering plant indigenous to eastern Asia.Cannabis sativa now grows all around the world, thriving in warmer climates. Throughout history, people have used cannabis sativa for industrial fibers, seed oils, food, and recreation.

Let’s look at a leaf comparison. Conversely, sativa plants appear thin and tall. They are more challenging to grow but if you want maximum THC potency, they are ideal. Often prescribed as a medicine in the US, cannabis sativa is responsible for the “head high” that people associate with cannabis. Many people prefer to consume sativa strains during the day because of its effects.

Sativa effects

  • enhanced mental states
  • bursts of energy, often linked to creativity and focus
  • increased serotonin levels to improve mood
  • remove anxiety
  • enhance appetite
  • enhance focus
  • improve psychological well-being
  • reducing signs of depression
  • managing ADD/ADHD
  • reducing fatigue
  • reducing the signs of mood disorders

Because they contain less CBD and more THC, sativa plants can help to uplift you, improve your creativity, and make an impact on your mind.

What is a hybrid?

Somewhere in the middle of the differences between indica and sativa, hybrid strains can deliver any combination of these two sets of effects. Hybrids blend the characteristics and effects of indica and sativa strains, enabling you to draw on both of them at the same time. This means that when you consume a hybrid strain, you can count on a mixture of the effects that you would find in a pure indica or a pure sativa.Also, take into account that a Sativa, Hybrid and an Indica will all affect you depending on your body chemistry. Effects will vary from one individual to another.

Please note: hybrid weed is not the same thing as cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is another strain of cannabis entirely – one that contains much higher levels of CBD than it does THC.

Check out this Sativa vs Indica chart to learn more

Indica versus sativa marijuana leaves







Characteristics Sativa Indica
indica vs sativa high difference head high body high
indica vs sativa effects

mood improvement,
depression relief

head and body relaxation,
anxiety relief,
nausea relief,
pain relief
sativa vs indica appearance tall, slim plants short, bushi plants
indica vs sativa leaves thin and tall wide
sativa vs indica smell and taste citrus, fruit earthy, skunky
indica and sativa side effects stimulates appetite “couch lock”
indica vs sativa THC/CBD more THC some CBD


Thinking beyond Indica and Sativa

Sativa and indica are  classifications if we are making general statements about strains of cannabis. Thanks to the latest technology we can think about strains in a much deeper level. Terpenes also play a role in determining if the cannabis plant is Sativa or an Indica. These natural substances, which are like essential oils can make a positive impact on people’s health, both physical and mental. In addition, the terpenes contribute greatly to the wide range of smells and taste that cannabis strains emit, making each strain unique. Limonene, for example, is common sativa strains, whereas alpha-pinene could even help to balance out the short-term memory impairment that THC causes. Any type of Pinene is considered an Indica Terpene.

To fully grasp cannabis strains, you need to think about the terpenes alongside the sativa/indica classification, getting a complete picture of the effects and composition that you can expect from one strain to the next.

The Lodge Offers the Best Indica and Sativa

For medical and recreational users alike, The Lodge has become known for world-class cannabis. We understand the health benefits and positive effects of indica and sativa. Taking those benefits and effects seriously, we curate premium, high-quality cannabis, along with the best wax and shatter deals in Denver. On top of that, we have collected some of the most appealing indica and sativa deals in all of Denver.

Shopping at The Lodge, the best dispensary in Denver, you have access to a full menu of different cannabis strains, both indica and sativa as well as hybrids. This means that if you are still in doubt as to what sativa is (the sativa definition) or what indica is (the indica definition), you can find out for yourself by trying out some different options. The dispensary menu offers indicas, sativas and hybrids so that you can choose the most suitable strain for you. Once you have decided on what best suites yourself, you can then try out all of the strains in that category. You can dig deeper, considering how potent you want the strain to be and what balance of effects work for you.

Even within the categories of indica and sativa, you will find strains that are very different from each other. You should not expect that every indica strain will be the same nor should you expect that every sativa strain is the same. While they may not vary as much as hybrids do, they do vary. This is because the specific terpenes in a strain change the way that your body reacts to cannabinoids. Affecting the taste, the feeling, and every other aspect of the experience. Before you make a decision about the cannabis strain or even the cannabis type that you want, you should speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable budtenders.

There is however more that you can consider from your own perspective – and more thought that you can put into this decision based on the sativa effects and the indica effects that you want.

When you come into The Lodge, we want you to feel confident about every purchase that you make. If you were thinking that sativa THC or indica THC would affect you differently, that is only part of the story. You now know that the contents of sativa and indica are affecting you differently, the levels of THC and CBD that you can expect to find in each of the strains – based on the different types.


What is sativa and indica?

These are the two types of cannabis strains.

How do you tell the difference between indica and sativa?

Indica strains are bushy with wide leaves, while sativa strains feature thinner and longer leaves.

How does sativa make you feel?

Sativa will make you feel energized and creative.

Is sativa an upper or downer?

Sativa is an upper.

What does indica do?

Indica creates a body high, which will often help you manage the symptoms of anxiety or insomnia.

What is hybrid weed?

Hybrid weed combines the effects of both sativa strains and indica strains.

Is indica or sativa better for anxiety?

Indica is better for anxiety.

Is indica or sativa better for nausea?

Indica is better for nausea.

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