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Colorado Marijuana Laws 2020


Recreational marijuana in Colorado has been legal for seven years now, and the industry is only getting more advanced all the time. There has been a recent explosion of new products changing the way people experience cannabis. As a result, the laws that regulate marijuana have been adapting and changing over time. Here are four ways we think recreational consumers will be most affected by the new Colorado weed laws in 2020.

1 – Colorado Marijuana Laws About Social Consumption

One of the most exciting changes is that the Colorado Legislature has passed a law related to the consumption of cannabis in restaurants, hotels, and other venues.

Local jurisdictions will still have the ultimate say about whether or not they allow social consumption to take place, but we expect that forward-thinking places like Denver will be quick to adapt to the new laws. In addition to the types of physical locations mentioned above, vehicles like limousines and buses will be able to get licensed for marijuana consumption.

2 – Hemp at Dispensaries

Until recently, CBD products at dispensaries had to be derived from marijuana, not hemp. Now, these dispensaries will be able to sell CBD and other products made from industrial hemp.

These products will have to pass all of the same tests as marijuana products. Starting in July, you can go to your favorite Denver dispensary and buy combined CBD/THC edibles where the CBD comes from hemp.

3 – Colorado Cannabis Delivery

Another exciting development is that commercial cannabis delivery has been legalized by the state of Colorado. Further legalization and licensing will be up to individual local jurisdictions.

For the first year, only medial marijuana may be delivered. Starting in 2021, though, there’s a good chance it will be possible to have your recreational marijuana delivered right to your doorstep.

4 – Colorado Weed Laws About Safety

The laws above are likely to make marijuana consumption even more enjoyable and convenient. At the same time, the state has taken steps to keep cannabis safe. There are two primary ways Colorado’s government is attempting to give cannabis consumers more peace of mind about their products.

Testing Cannabis for Heavy Metals

Starting at the beginning of 2020, marijuana products have been required to undergo testing for heavy metals. This law was originally planned for 2019, but it took some time for the state to be confident that testing labs were prepared. This is intended to eliminate any potential use of growing nutrients that include metals like nickel and arsenic, which are dangerous if inhaled.

Weed Vape Safety

2019 was a scary year for people who like to vape cannabis. There were many reports of lung ailments that are thought to be related to vaping, and this sent quite a scare through the marijuana community.

As a result, vaping products are no longer allowed to include chemical additives. This rule is likely to evolve as scientists find more answers about how we can make vaping safer.

Legal Cannabis Dispensaries in Denver

At The Lodge, we’re excited that our state legislature is taking steps to develop the industry and keep cannabis consumers safe. We remain committed to maintaining our reputation as one of the best dispensaries in Denver, and our dispensary menus will stay up to date with all legal changes.

Our team is knowledgeable about the industry, so we’ll be able to keep you informed about any further changes. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about Colorado marijuana laws.

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