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Kick Back and Relax With These Indica Strains

Some cannabis enthusiasts are all about the indica strains. It’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want to kick back and drift into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation with their favorite bud?

Whether it’s after a long day at work or on a cozy winter weekend, indica strains have a place near and dear to many of our hearts. We’re always on the lookout for the best indica strains, and these are a few of our favorites right now.

Black Cherry OG

For those who want a pure indica experience, it’s hard to beat Black Cherry OG. It’s the brainchild of Grand Daddy Purple, who created it by crossing Ken’s OG with some sort of Granddaddy Purple product of mysterious origins.

We’d be interested to know more about the origins of this strain, but we don’t really care how it got here as long as we get to enjoy it now.

Some people report feeling slightly uplifted feelings after a round or two with this indica strain, but it’s normally just enough to make you extra giggly when you’re relaxing on the couch and watching one of your favorite movies.

On the whole, most of our customers report that they feel soothed in both body and mind– physical and mental stress seem to just melt away. As an added bonus, these colorful buds have a fruity taste and smell that’s as sweet as the experience itself.

Grateful Puff

This strain descended from Grateful Breath and Cherry Puff, and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air for anyone who’s been looking for a new indica. It has a complex flavor profile, somehow combining sweet berry flavors with spicy herbal notes in a way that’s both intriguing and pleasant.

Most of our customers report that their experience with Grateful Puff begins right behind their brain before spreading throughout the entire body. This strain is absolutely not compatible with taxing activities for most people, so check it out next time you’re looking to unwind.

Indica Concentrates

Concentrates are simply becoming too popular to overlook on any list. When you’re looking for an indica experience of certain proportions, it makes sense to turn to cannabis extracts that are made from strains of the indica persuasion.

Budtenders at your local Denver dispensary can definitely point you in the direction of some concentrates that are associated with exactly the kind of relaxation you’re looking for.

One of the nicest things about indica concentrates is that they deliver the same amount of cannabis with less total volume, so you can be completely committed to a low-effort experience.

Indica Cannabis Gummies

We’ll be the first to tell you that we absolutely love the process of enjoying cannabis. We like the smells different strains release as you grind them down, preparing it for the smoke, and the taste of our favorite indica strains.

That said, sometimes we’re in the mood for something as easy as possible, and gummies are perfect for that mood. As an added bonus, many connoisseurs report that the experience from edibles is generally even more mellow as it is.

Best Indica Strains in Denver

Here at The Lodge, we only work with the best growers in Colorado to ensure we can give our customers access to premium indica strains.

We’re getting new flower all the time, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our most recent acquisitions. In the meantime, check our dispensary menu online or come see it in person!

Image Credit: Shutterstock By Yarygin

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