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Everything You Need to Know about THC Vape Pens


Every year, cannabis enthusiasts go looking for THC vape pens and weed pen brands, learning that there is a new and futuristic way to enjoy your favorite flower. The thing is, if you have tried every other method of enjoying cannabis, from joints to edibles to bongs, you may still not know what you expect out of a THC vape pen. After all, how could something like this even work? How could you release the THC in cannabis without any fire or baking? Worry not: we have you covered. In this compendium, we have put together everything you need to know about THC vape pens.

Getting Started

First things first, if you are wondering “What is a weed pen?” there are a few things that you to need to know. Unlike bowls, bongs, and joints, you do not need to “light” anything to enjoy a THC vape pen. You do not need to break up any flower or weigh anything out. There is none of that involved at all, which is why THC vape pens are both more efficient and more convenient than any other method of consumption on the market. While other people are still getting their joints and bowls ready, you are on your way, tasting your weed and feeling its effects more quickly and more quickly.

That answer is more about what a THC vape pen is not, though. What is a THC vape pen? To answer the question “What is a weed pen?” we can look at the item that goes inside it: the cartridge. Inside the cartridge, which will come in either a standardized size or in a size meant for a specific weed pen, you will find THC concentrate, which is a highly powerful form of THC that a processor has separated from the weed.

When you are vaping from a THC vape pen, you are inhaling the product of the cartridge. That is what causes you to feel the effects of the THC, even without any bud involved. Once you understand that, you can be the one to answer when people ask “What is a weed vaporizer pen?” You can tell them that while a joint and a bowl would require you to insert weed, a weed pen does not. A weed pen requires nothing more than a THC cartridge – which just happens to be less harsh and more potent than any THC you are ever going to find.

Enjoying Yourself and More

Of course, that is not likely to be the last and only question that arises for you. You will also likely want to know “How do weed pens work?” This varies from pen to pen, but for the most part, it is also a primary draw for THC vape pens. If you have become used to breaking up your flower, packing it into a pipe, and then burning it with a lighter, then using a THC vape pen will seem like an – excuse the pun – absolute breeze.

Once you have inserted a cartridge into your weed pen, you are going to push a button. On some THC vape pens, you will hold the button to heat the cartridge (without burning it), and on others, a simple press will do. Either way, there will be a button somewhere on the THC vape pen. You are locating that button, pressing it, and then sitting back to enjoy the high. Smoke becomes a thing of the past because you are not using a flame to burn anything: you get a clean vape out of your weed pen.

As you are enjoying your THC vape pen, you may start to wonder some other things about it. It is important to answer “What is a distillate cartridge?” as well so that you fully grasp the weed pen that is in your hand and why it works the way that it works. To understand this, you are going to look at the techniques that processors follow to turn their cannabis flower into THC cartridges for your vaping pleasure. While these techniques are different from one processor to the next, they mostly rely on some type of organic compound – which the processor will use to extract the THC from the flower without burning it.

Your “Ongoing Education”

From there, you have built up a solid base of knowledge about THC vape pens, weed pens, and marijuana vape pens. You can then consider prices, asking yourself “How much is a weed pen?” On this point too, brands will vary widely. Some brands will charge as much as $50, $60, and even $70 for their THC cartridges. At The Lodge Cannabis, though, we want to make the best deals possible available to you at all times.

When you shop at any of our locations, assume that you are going to find incredible deals. We offer THC cartridges at a major discount: world-class strains, like Tangerine Haze and Strawberry Cheesecake, for as little as $40 and even $25. These are unbeatable deals, and considering what you are getting when you puff on a THC vape pen, you know that you are getting your money’s worth.

There is still more to learn, too. An even better question to ask than all of these is “How long do weed cartridges last?” This is a solid metric of the quality of your THC cartridges and your THC vape pens. You want to find a weed pen that optimizes the cartridges that you put into it, using up as little of your THC concentrate as possible. On top of that, you want to find cartridges that can withstand heavy usage – ones that are going to keep on going and keep on going for days or weeks at a time, depending on how often you turn to them.

In addition to this, you should try to get the lingo down so that you are not overlooking anything important. If you hear people talking about THC dab pens, hash oil e cigarettes, and dab cartridge pens, know that they are talking about the same thing. For the most part, these terms refer to the THC vape pens that you used to vape THC cartridges. There may be some nuances in the meanings – for instance, some people use “dab” to mean something else entirely – but as long as you are asking the right questions, you should be all right.

Do You Feel Ready?

To think – you started out on all of this wondering nothing more complicated than “What is a weed pen?” This question leads you to ask more questions, then more questions, and then more questions after that. In time, you have asked so many informative and incisive questions that you feel confident you can explain everything about THC vape pens yourself, from content to function to cost to expectations and beyond.

At that point, you can also make an informed decision about weed pen brands. You can look through the THC vape pens and THC cartridges that we stock at The Lodge Cannabis, decide which ones sound most tempting to you, and then purchase one and try it for yourself.

You are certainly not going to be alone in this trend. THC vape pens and weed pens have become popular in large part because they are smoother, more pleasant, and simpler than other methods of consumption. Cannabis enthusiasts have learned to love them because they match and exceed expectations. Once you try one for yourself, you will see what all the fuss is about.

Some cannabis enthusiasts have gone so far as to drop everything except for THC vape pens and weed pens from their routines. While you can continue to enjoy cannabis however you want, it is useful to understand what a weed pen is, how weed pens work, and how to make an intelligent decision about all of the options you see on the market. The next time you are looking through pens and cartridges, you can feel informed. You can feel like you know everything there is to know about THC vape pens – because you do.

For anything that is still confusing, just ask! We are always around to answer your questions at The Lodge Cannabis and point you toward some of the best THC cartridges on our shelves.

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