Champagne Wax and Shatter

Champagne Wax and Shatter: The way they are made


At The Lodge Cannabis, we guarantee the best wax and shatter deals. We highly recommend that you try the White Mousse Concentrates Champagne line and see for yourself that it is in fact a smoother and more pleasant smoking experience.

“Here at White Mousse Concentrates, we have been consistently working to better improve our product and our understanding of the filtering process. We have successfully developed a technique that removes the oxidized compounds from the final product.
The process of removing the oxide from the product is done through a series of filtering techniques which include several naturally occurring filter medias. Our proprietary blend of media leads to a far superior product. As concentrates oxidize, they begin to change not only the color but also the ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the potentially carcinogenic effects of cannabis use.
There is research that shows that oxidized terpenes can cause an allergic reaction and we believe is the main culprit of the “lung lock” feeling that you may experience from dabbing. Matura discovered that “Autoxidation of fragrance terpenes contributes greatly to fragrance allergy”. (Matura M, Sköld M, Börje A, et al. 2005,1)
Our champagne line undergoes a rigorous filtering process to ensure that the majority of the oxidized resin is removed from the final product. This results in a much smoother and less harsh inhalation of the vaporized concentrates. The filtering process of our Champagne line generates a flavor that is more true to the plants natural ratio of terpenes before it is harvested and cured. The champagne line is visibly colorless (or very close to colorless) and typically a drier wax or a more stable shatter.
The team here at White Mousse Concentrates has continued to push the industry standards to new heights. Our goal is to provide a smoking experience that has little to no negative effects on our lungs while maintaining the plant’s medicinal benefits”.

Matura M, Sköld M, Börje A, et al. Selected oxidized fragrance terpenes are common contact allergens. Contact Dermatitis. 2005;52(6):320-328. doi:10.1111/j.0105-1873.2005.00605.x

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2 Replies to “Champagne Wax and Shatter: The way they are made”

  1. few time before i was so dipressed, then i started with edibles and shatter. And it helps a lot, it really works, thanks.

  2. few time before i was so depressed, then i started with edibles and shatter. And it helps a lot, it really works, thanks.

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