Champagne Wax and Shatter

The Best Champagne Wax and Shatter in Colorado


If you have ever tried shatter that is crystal clear or if you are looking, searching “weed deals near me” or “marijuana deals near me,” then there is only one place that you need to visit: The Lodge Cannabis. We offer the best wax and shatter prices in Colorado all the time, but on top of that, we offer incredible, limited-time deals. Depending on the day of the week – more on that soon – you could walk into The Lodge and then walk back out carrying a bigger and more potent haul than you ever thought possible.

White like snow, our wax and shatter is the best that you are going to find at any dispensary in Denver. This is a point of pride for us: at The Lodge, we want you to assume that you will find the best quality BHO waxin Denver. Of particularly high quality, though, is our cannabis champagne wax or shatter, which represents the smoothest and most stunning of any that you will encounter. You know that it is high-quality simply by looking at it, the shatter crystal clear, but testing you, you can check to make sure, our high THC content registering between 80-99%.

Although we at The Lodge Cannabis offer the best quality of champagne wax or shatter, we go above and beyond that. Yes, you will find the extremely popular champagne wax or shatter by Whitemoose Concentrates here. However, we offer the best wax and shatter prices in Colorado as well. For incredible local concentrates deals, The Lodge is your one-stop shop, here to keep you stocked up on champagne wax or shatter, no matter how much you need and no matter how high your standards are. We understand that there is a world of difference between good shatter and top-shelf shatter. Because we understand that, we refuse to stock anything but the latter.

Now, on to the most exciting part: the deals. Our limited-time deals and discounts have become a major draw for our most dedicated customers, which is why we are running new deals and discounts constantly. You need to check back with us often to keep up with all of the latest offers that we are putting out onto the shelves and on our websites. For right now, though, what you need to know is that Sunday is our fun day. You will get the best edible deal in Denver: buy one get the 2nd 50% off.

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