How To Stop Being High

How To Stop Being High

People get too much weed from time to time. It’s a fact. Maybe you’ve eaten a lot of groceries from the hemp, and suddenly you’re not childishly “stuck.” Or maybe you’ve had too much of your favorite marijuana concentrates. Sometimes the tolerance has dropped a little bit, and you get a lot of marijuana. You smoked it, and now what? Don’t worry about it! A series of useful and practical tips will help you deal with too much “coming”.

Just don’t panic! Even killer weed will ever “let you go”!

It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Especially when a person doesn’t know much about marijuana. But if you do find that its effect is too strong, remember that it’s temporary. It’s not like you’re gonna walk around stoned forever. And you’re definitely not gonna go to the next world. But the more you panic, the worse it is. Don’t forget that hemp isn’t fatal and an overdose is impossible. The worst thing that can happen is an hour or two of confusion, and then the effect weakens. And most importantly, no hangover. It’s not like it’s alcohol or anything! Unless you feel very sleepy…

Smoke already? And that’s enough!

If you’re getting a good breath, understanding the limits of your tolerance for marijuana won’t help. But it will help to avoid a repeat of the mistake in the future. Often less experienced smokers have less tolerance for cannabis. That means they’re more likely to accidentally consume more cannabis than necessary. Until you understand how strong the “coming” is, take a little steam from the evaporator or the smoke of a joint. Be especially attentive to hemp food until you are sure you have a safe dose. Fight the temptation to eat more in public places than you can handle. Modern hemp seed varieties have a long-term effect in small doses. If we talk about the best of modern feminized and autoflowering hemp seeds, it is possible to get harvests with a level of THC more than 20%. In hemp concentrates there can be about 70% THC. Abuse of hemp is expensive and unnecessary. It’s better to use it in moderation.

Black pepper weakens marijuana exposure

Black Pepper photo


Many hemp lovers have heard of one trick. If you’re too stoned and paranoid, you can get rid of it with black pepper. Rock musician Neil Young chews 2-3 black peppers to recover from eating too much weed. Black pepper contains terpene, which is called β-Caryophyllene. It’s said to reduce THC activity. This theory has a scientific basis, as caryophyllene interacts with the same CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system as THC. Dr. Ethan Russo has published a research paper that provides more detailed scientific evidence on this.

It’s time for a snack!

Instead of anxiously looking at your watch and wondering when you’ll finally be “free”, try a snack and a couple of soft drinks. Avoid alcohol at all costs: it will only make you worse. A couple of non-alcoholic drinks will help you avoid dehydration. You should also avoid caffeine, tea and coffee. A little healthy food, and now you are not so worried about “coming”. It’s better to pamper yourself and eat while you’re reducing your exposure to cannabis. You may be able to recover from glucose or sugar in some foods.


Many weed consumers believe that the CBD helps change the intensity of THC exposure. Nowadays, oil and other CBD products are widely available. If you have something like this on hand, try dropping a couple of drops of CBD oil under your tongue. It’s possible that you’ll end up getting a little less coverage. If you are smokier than planned, chocolate with CBD can also help you.

TV is a good option to relax

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It does not matter what you prefer to watch: comedies, sports shows or other things. TV is a good distraction from too much “coming” anyway. Find some lightweight, non-binding program to unwind and realize suddenly that you have a fascinating show.

The couch is healing

Maybe the best way to survive a too powerful “parish” looks like this. Just find yourself a cozy place, wrap up there in a ball and rest for a while. Get a blanket and a pillow, if you can. Head to a place where you can relax and where there is no noise. Some are helped by calm and soothing music, as well as meditation with the host, transmitted over the internet. If you manage to get some sleep, your “coming” will no longer bother you. When your eyes close, all problems disappear by themselves.

A quiet walk puts your mind in order

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For some overly stoned individuals, an outdoor walk helps. If you can, try not to just walk around, but watch. Try to explore the neighborhood by paying attention to the views, sounds and smells. Breathe slowly and calmly. Some people regain consciousness when a dog or cat is around. Go with them to a place where you feel at peace. To a place where there are no crowds or loud noise.

Soap is Rastaman’s best friend

If you’ve suddenly had too much marijuana, remember that a bracing shower helps some. First of all, the thought of being stoned will take second place. Second, you’ll get a feeling of freshness and perception will become brighter. A lot of hemp lovers like to take a warm bath. When you are “covered”, warm water soothes and gives a luxurious feeling, it seems that the chic warm baths with bubbles were invented especially for you!


Even a very strong hemp effect starts to weaken with time. In the meantime, you can do something to entertain yourself, so that time passes unnoticed. Play video games or watch TV. It’s nicer than sitting around waiting for “coming” to end. If you chat with friends or talk to someone close to you, they can cheer you up. It’s also nice to hang out with pets, watch a cartoon, or just paint or paint something. Many hemp lovers love to listen to music after using marijuana. If it gives you too much ivy and stinging, remember that binaural music is a great comfort.

Yoga and marijuana

Yoga and marijuana


A consistent course of pranayama and sensible pulling can help you find inner peace. Yoga lovers believe that yoga is an excellent cure for the stresses and anxieties inherent in modern lifestyles. More and more doctors and scientists speak in favor of it. After all, yoga is not perceived as a usual entertainment. It has been practiced for thousands of years. And all this time it has helped to meditate and relax.

Smoke weed that you know

Unfortunately, the market for products containing CBD and THC is oversaturated with counterfeits and substandard products. And this happens even in regions where marijuana use is legalized (like Colorado), because there is a huge variety of marijuana. You can learn to figure out good marijuana on your own using this guide, for example. However, the easiest way to get quality herb is to buy it from certified stores and dispensaries like ours. Buying at “The Lodge” you will receive marijuana from verified and licensed suppliers. We care about you and the weed you smoke, so come to our bar and have fun in pleasant company.

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