Mimosa is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain ( 70% Sativa/ 30 % Indica). It was created as a result of a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine strains. THC levels can go up to 25%, CBD levels are less than 1%.

Mimosa’s buds are large, vibrant green, with soft orange hairs, and frosted with a layer of sparkling trichomes.
The aroma is deliciously citrus, with woodsy and earthy tones. The flavor has fresh citrus, notes of pine, lemon, and fruits.

Like a famous beverage, the Mimosa cannabis strain is perfect at any time of the day; however, most users report finding it the most useful in the morning and day hours. It’s high is refreshing and uplifting, improves the mood, brings clarity and focus, and promotes an overall sense of happiness, incredibly energizing and motivating. It comes in warm tingling waves and stays lingering in the body for a while. It is a perfect strain for taking on new projects and enjoying time with friends and loved ones. Novice users should take caution because of the high THC content of this strain.



Positive effects:


Adverse Effects:

dry eyes
dry mouth

3 Replies to “Mimosa”

  1. A must have at any brunch! I may or may not be saying that because my first run-in with this fabulous strain was when my wife and I hosted our friend’s cozy, alcohol-free birthday brunch. It only took a few hits of Mimosa to transform a regular afternoon into an absolute blast! Giggles, bubbles, and bright bursts of humor filled the air, and we found ourselves in a haze of good vibrations and positive energy. The high eventually faded after an hour or so, leaving us all feeling pleasantly refreshed. I absolutely recommend this strain to anyone looking for the perfect social high, or, if you’re more of the independent type, it’s even perfect for a pleasant walk in the park. I really dig it!

  2. Smoking this strain is like drinking Mimosa. The aroma sold me Lodge 🙂 Thank you guys for amazing suggestion.


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