Hell’s Angel

Hell’s Angel

Hell’s Angel is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with an 80/20 Indica/Sativa ratio. It has a high THC content that exceeds 20%. Origins of this pretty rare strain are surrounded by mystery. No one has claimed the ownership of this strain yet; however, it is rumored to be named after the infamous biker’s club and their experiments with cannabis flower. The nuggets of this strain are dense and tightly packed with a super sticky texture that is hard to break up without using a grinder. They are medium-sized with a dark green color and tiny orange hairs coming through the surface.
Hell’s Angel strain has a very complex terpene profile with some earthy, spicy notes, and a hint of pine and lemon. The aftertaste has a beautiful blend of sour, citrus, and piney flavor. As most Indica strains, it is known to leave a profoundly relaxing couch-locked experience, accompanied by a feeling of happiness and euphoria. Some other known benefits are improved mood, reduced muscle tension, stress relief, cerebral relaxation, and an overall sense of calm. That being said, Hell’s Angel strain is also well known to promote relaxation, it also helps with depression, insomnia, chronic pain. PTSD and muscle spasm. Users new to cannabis intake are advised to be careful with the consumption of this strain. Being graded rather strong and fast with its effects, it may result in a brief panic.

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