Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (70% Sativa and 30% Indica) resulting from a cross of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, both of which are very pungent strains. The plant came from the Colorado-based breeders called 303 Seeds and has since become popular throughout the country. It has remained true to its parent with a high THC level of up to 20%.

Jet Fuel is best known for its plump and fluffy buds, which are nearly similar to those of Diesel strains. It produces dark green flowers and pistils that slowly turn orange as the plant matures. If grown under the right conditions with proper curing, the flowers are covered with sticky trichomes. To those aspiring to grow this strain, seeds are readily available from 303 Seeds. It can also be cloned by obtaining clippings from an already mature plant.

Jet Fuel cannabis strain does not require much experience to cultivate. You are only expected to monitor temperature, humidity, and other conditions. Due to the close supervision required, growers prefer indoors where all parameters can be monitored and controlled. It begins to flower after 9-10 weeks, with an average yield of 37 grams per square foot. The harvested buds need proper curing to maintain their taste and potency.

The aroma of Jet Fuel takes after those of other strains with Diesel lineage. Upon breaking and grinding the buds, you will be hit by a strong pungent, recognized with sharp and skunk diesel scents. There is also an undertone of lemon and pine, which become prominent as Jet Fuel is smoked. This mixture of skunky and pungent taste is best enjoyed by experienced stoners for Diesel strains.

It has aggressive effects that begin with a headrush that leaves you euphoric and sedated. Your entire body will also be sent into a complete state of relaxation with no couchlock. If you feel low and down, then a few puffs of Jet Fuel are enough to get you up on your feet again with an immediate boost of energy. These powerful effects have been utilized by medicinal and recreational users to relieve chronic pain, fatigue, stress, mood swings, depression, etc.

Positive effects

  • Sedating
  • Uplifting
  • Relaxing
  • Euphoric
  • Energy-boosting

Adverse effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
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