Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is an Indica dominant hybrid, developed as a result of a crossbreed between Gorilla Glue 4 and Cookies & Cream cannabis strains. It is is a very potent strain with THC levels reaching a staggering 27%. CBD levels are around 1%.

The buds of this highly popular strain are dense, medium-sized, have Indica structure, pale green in color, with some light amber pistils, and a healthy coating of fuzzy white sticky crystals.

When combusted, Grease Monkey brings a very smooth smoke, full of diesel, vanilla, and nutty flavors. The aroma of this fragrant strain is earthy, acid, and sweet.

Unlike some of the lighter Indica strains, Grease Monkey is a heavy hitter. Novice smokers be aware!

While the high might initially start as regular cannabis-induced euphoria, in a short while, it completely transforms into a deeply sedated, even tranquilizing body high, profoundly relaxing and calming. Couch-lock is the most probable outcome of this strain’s experience; therefore, it’s best to be used after a stressful day of work, at the end of the weekend, or any other time when active social interaction is not in the cards.

Adverse effects of this intense strain are the usual dry eyes and mouth, along with possible dizziness and anxiety episodes if taken above tolerance levels.


Positive Effects:

Adverse Effects:
dry mouth
dry eyes

4 Replies to “Grease Monkey”

  1. One of the BEST indica strains around coming in with high THC and great flavor it’s a great bud to end a long work day.

  2. Grease Monkey’s been one of my favorite go to’s ever since I got to try through The Lodge’s preroll selection! So smooth and such a good high. The prerolls are perfect especially for sharing! No cross contamination and everyone gets to feel good!! Such a relaxing smoke and one of the best strains I use when I’m in the zone painting my art

  3. Name pretty much says it all here. Dense forrest green buds with even darker tones inside. Fuel and gas terps abounding with hints of coffee.

    Always a high tester with an amazing cerebral high.

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