Chocolate OG

Chocolate OG is a pure Indica cannabis strain, created through a cross between True OG and Chocolate Rain. THC levels have been recorded reaching up to a staggering 30%, making this strain one of the most potent Indicas on the market. CBD levels are less than 1%.
The appearance of Chocolate OG’s buds is beautiful. Large tight nugs, deep green, accompanied by the chocolatey brown hairs and a thick layer of glistening trichomes.
This strain is one of the most pungent strains on the market, so you got to love a good skunky aroma, gently interlaced with sweet cocoa buttercream notes. The taste is just as robust, boasting a strong sour taste with a spice and coffee hint.
As you might expect from a very potent Indica strain, it’s strong and powerful, affecting the body and mind. While it lacks the usual cerebral effects like lightheadedness and bliss, it compliments with a deep psychedelic like qualities. The body high starts slowly, creeping from the temples down 15-20 min into the experience. Time seems to stop, or at least to slow down significantly. Every sound starts to stand apart from all others. Heavy warm waves are washing down your body, giving you an incredible feeling of enormous relaxation. The high massages your body and mind, with every minute taking you deeper and deeper into the experience. You might encounter some twists and deformations of reality as your senses let go of usual patterns. Listening to music might complement this venture greatly.
After a while, the whole body becomes so heavy that you might drift into a deep rejuvenating sleep.
This strain is recommended for evening and night time use. Novice users take caution.


Positive effects:

Adverse effects:
dry eyes
dry mouth

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  1. The Lodge offers best Chocolate OG. IndicaIs is definitely my option to go. love a good skunky aroma with chocolate taste 👅


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