Gorilla Glue #4 previously known as Original Glue is an Indica dominant hybrid with 63% Indica/37% Sativa ratio. Its THC levels are ranging from 17% to 30%. This highly rated strain is a many times winner of the Cannabis Cup. Created by chance, GG4 is very well-known and well-loved between cannabis users. The buds of GG4 are chunky, dense, resinous, and covered with a generous amount of trichomes. They are the reason this strain got such a unique name. When trimming the flower, those trichomes cover the scissors with a thick sticky substance resembling super glue. GG4 is known for its full-bodied smoke and strong sour aroma with earthy, piney and chocolate notes. Because of its potency, the effect on the body is longer than any standard strain. For this reason, cannabis novices should stay away from it in the beginning. However, for experienced users, this strain has a lot to offer. An intense and uplifting high sensation follows the intake. Promotes deep relaxation, feeling of euphoria, calmness, and peacefulness, gradually replaced by the feeling of sleepiness. The perfect aid to unwind after a long day. Since CBD levels of Gorilla Glue are not that high, it’s not recommended to use in critical medical conditions such as cancer or seizures. Nonetheless, this strain could aid such symptoms as pain, help with insomnia, depression, arthritis pain, stress, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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  1. Gg#4 probably one of my all time favorite strains and the lodge does it right!!! Very dense frosty nugs that will definitely stick up your grinder or your fingers!!! If you haven’t checked it out you need to make sure you do so ASAP!!!!

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