Abra Cadabra is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain. Its origins are unknown. THC levels are around 18%, CBD levels are less than 1%.

The nuggets of this magical strain have deep green hues, medium size with a shape resembling a pine cone, complimented by some dark amber pistils.

The aroma is sweet and musty, and the taste is damp, earthy, with some lemon notes.

As any Sativa dominant strain, Abra Cadabra’s experience starts with an intense energizing high. You will immediately feel its uplifting and euphoric pull. Users can expect a significant boost in productivity and creativity. Its a perfect strain for getting things done, diving into creative tasks, spending time outdoors, and in any social setting. After a while, however, the high transforms into a soft, relaxed feeling, not too intense to create a couch-lock, but pleasantly heavy and warm.

Abra Cadabra is an ideal strain for daytime use.

Positive effects:







Adverse Effects:

Dry eyes

Dry mouth

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  1. Really amazing flavor and long lasting high! Hopefully this strain can also Abracadabra me $200 store credit tomorrow!!

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