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Mango and Weed: Does Mango Increase Your High?


You can say that some foods are a perfect match made in heaven. It becomes hard to prepare one in isolation. Think of rice and beans, bacon and eggs, butter and jelly, and other great combinations. Mango and marijuana are also a perfect combination for cannabis lovers.

On their own, mangoes are tropical fruits rich in fiber and vitamins such as A, C, and E. Additionally, ripe mangoes are very aromatic and flavorful. But how do mangoes and marijuana become a perfect pair? How does eating mango make you higher? Read on for answers to any questions you have regarding mango and weed. It is not just a belief among stoners that eating mangoes before smoking weed will make you higher.

Does Mango Make You Higher?

Many cannabis users report enhanced cannabis effects if they eat mangoes before their smoking session. Is there truth behind that claim, and what is the possible scientific explanation for the relationship between mango and cannabis?

Mango is a tropical fruit that has been associated with sedation and relaxation. After eating two pieces or a glass of mango smoothie, you will feel more relaxed and possibly couch-locked. In reality, mangoes do not have psychedelic effects. But if used in combination with marijuana, the sedative and psychedelic effects may intensify.

You may feel higher when you smoke weed after eating mango. This, however, depends on individual tolerance to cannabis. Some people will not feel the enhancing effects of mango because their bodies have a high tolerance.

Why Do Mangos Get You Higher?

Many people believe that there is a relationship between mango and weed. Mango can make you feel higher when you take it before the smoking session. Sadly, we don’t have scientific evidence to explain how mango and cannabis interact in the body. There is limited research on this topic.

There is a universally agreed theory that supports the mangoes and weed relationship. Mangoes contain one of the most dominant terpenes in marijuana, myrcene. Mangoes’ myrcene enables THC to more easily go through the blood-brain barrier. This barrier lines the brain and keeps substances in the blood from getting to the brain.

Mangoes myrcene and myrcene in weed all work together to allow mind-altering substances into the brain. By allowing more THC in the brain, you will feel intensely high than usual. That may explain why cannabis users have quick, prolonged, and enhanced highs after taking mangoes and marijuana.

If you are more tolerant of cannabis, you may not feel high for consuming mango and weed. Maybe, you will need twice as much dose to feel the same effects. You can also consider the strongest weed strains if that is the case.

The bottom line: myrcene allows THC to reach your brain much quicker and with enhanced effects than it usually would. So, it can be concluded that eating a mango before smoking will improve your experience and feeling.

Myrcene Mango Terpene

Myrcene is the most dominant terpene in mangoes as it is in weeds. However, it is low compared to other plants that also have it. You may need to eat several kilos of mango to feel its effects if, at all, it will be there. That is why many people consider mango and cannabis as a perfect pair that enhances each other.

The myrcene terpene in mango has been proved to have pain-relieving, muscle relaxant, and many other sedative effects. Many studies have revealed that myrcene makes the body stimulate opioid receptors, which reduces your perception of pain.

Another widely accepted effect of myrcene terpene in mango is sedation. Myrcene can improve sleep time significantly. That is why most myrcene strains are associated with couchlock.

Apart from the benefits of terpene in mangoes’, these fruits have many other health benefits. They are low-calorie fruits that are perfect for your smoke session. They are nutritious and rich in fiber, unlike other snacks. They aid in healthy digestion and boost the overall immune system.

Other foods that enhance your high include lemongrass, bay leaves, broccoli, sweet potatoes, nuts, thyme, etc. You can find many of these myrcene-rich foods in the nearby grocery to try them out if you cannot get mangoes.

Eating Mangoes Before Smoking Weed

If you have been eating mangoes and marijuana separately, there is no harm in trying out the two together. We have established the relationship between mangoes and THC. So, you can test everything out. Find the most euphoric strains and mango varieties rich in the same terpene to enhance your experience.

How Many Mangoes to Eat Before Smoking?

When it comes to the quantity, the response may not be as direct as expected. The number of mangoes you should eat depends on your tolerance to the effects of myrcene and THC. Some smokers will be fine by eating one or two mangoes before smoking, while others may need more. And since mango does not have high levels of myrcene, veteran smokers may need to eat many of them.

Eating mangoes before weed will not work for everyone. If it does not work for you, let it be and look for stronger weed strains. You don’t have to fill your stomach with mango juice or raw mango.

How Long Do You Wait to Smoke After Eating A Mango?

The time it takes for the body to extract myrcene from mango in the digestive system depends on the individual. If you want to eat a mango before weed to enhance its effects, consider eating it about 1-2 hours before the smoking session. To people with faster food absorbency, consider the duration as close to one hour as possible. It may not be easy to know this. But with practice, you will learn how to time yourself. There is also no harm if you take both mangoes and weed together, especially if you are using edibles.

Mango Juice, Fresh or Dried Mango: What to Choose?

Fresh ripe mango is richer in myrcene than dried one. That means you are better off eating fresh mangoes if you want to enhance your feelings with weed. Also, mango smoothies are good if you need mangoes and THC to compliments each other for an unforgettable experience.

Dried mangoes can make you feel higher, but not like fresh mangoes. Drying destroys mango terpenes, just the way it does for cannabis flowers. You are better off eating fresh ripe mangoes or mango juice and weed.

Mango And Marijuana Bottom Line

Eating mangoes before smoking weed will enhance the weed effects. However, the relationship between mango and THC is yet to be proved scientifically. Look for fresh mango or mango juice. These are richer in myrcene than dried mangoes. So, you will have a better feeling. Also, consider eating a mango before smoking for about 1-2 hours. That, however, depends on yourself. You may need to practice it to find the best time.

Lastly, eating mango and weed does not guarantee you an enhanced feeling. If it does not work for you, look for alternatives or simply buy highly euphoric weed strains.

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  1. Excellent article, thank you!
    I have been experimenting with cacao/chocolate this week, I make Hot Chocolate with 2 heaped teaspoons of pure organic cacao powder, a teaspoon coconut oil or cacao fat and a teaspoon of unrefined cane sugar. It DEFNITELY increases the high, intensity and length of time, amazing ! I drink this in a small tea cup one hour before smoking.

    PS I am going to try with eating some high quality, at least 75% Dark chocolate bar soon, I am sure it will work too !


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