Black Friday Weed Deals at The Lodge Dispensaries

2021 Black Friday Weed Deals in Denver at The Lodge Dispensaries


Find the best Black Friday Cannabis Deals in Denver. Buy your favorite products with great value!

Free joint with all purchases on Black Friday!

Brand Deals

Xiaolin cannagars Black Friday weed deals

Coda Signature 30% off

Keef Brands 30% off

DOSD Edibles 30% off

710 Labs 30% off

Viola extracts 30% off

White Mousse cartridges 30% off

Xiaolin cannagars 30% off

Black Friday Concentrate Deals

Buy a half ounce of flower, get a gram of rosin 50% off

Buy 3 get 1 free on all rosin grams

All rosin 30% off

*We offer these same deals on Green Dot Black Label.

All live resin and cartridges 30% off

Cannabis Bundle for $45

1 eighth, 1 gram of White Mousse wax or shatter, 1 edible for $45

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