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Denver 420 Deals in 2021 at The Lodge Dispensaries


420 Deals in Denver

The 4/20 event is fast-approaching with only a couple of weeks left. Different marijuana users from all over the United States and the rest of the world are now busy looking for Denver 420 deals. You should do it now when you still have time to give yourself the best treatment with the best 420 deals 2021.

There are many different ways to celebrate your 420 festival this year, but there is no better way of doing it than getting high. With the right marijuana strain, you can get a euphoric high and the energy you need to have a memorable celebration this year. Get the willpower you need to hike or be part of any activities during the 420 events.

During 420 celebrations in Denver, you need to give yourself the best treat with quality products at discounted prices. You might also want to spend a night in Denver, especially if you have come from far. If you are looking for a place to stay, then read our article on 420 friendly hotels in Denver, perhaps one of them will be perfect for you.

The Lodge Dispensary 420 Deals

You put a mark on this special day with the best weed deals on 420. Show your class by taking a puff of joy from high-quality cannabis products. All the cannabis products that we stock are tested and proven for THC content. We also have many other edibles that will make your 2021 420 festival one of a kind.

We have a wide range of cannabis products especially for you. You can browse through the available products in our menu and fill your cart with quality and not quantity. We also have the best 420 dispensary deals for you. Our list of discounted products will make you celebrate like big boys without breaking your bank account.

Here is the list of our 420 deals 2021:

420 Weed Deals

Exotic Flower deal
Mix and Match deals

Ounce $160 ounces
Any Half Ounces $100
Any Quarter ounce $50

4 joints for $35

420 Concentrate Deals

Champagne wax and shatter 8gr for $110
Live Resin $20 off

420 Deals on Vape Cartridges 20% off

420 Edible Deals

All Edibles Buy one get 1/2 50% off

420 Specific Promos

Koala Bars 30% off
7sacred 25% off
Dadirri Bogo 50% off
Xiaolin 20% off
Eureka Vape Bogo 50%
The Flower collective 25% off
Med Pharm 50% off topicals, tinctures, and vape
Tastebudz Bogo 50% off

April and 420 Finalized promotions

4/1-4/5 Tastbudz Bogo 50% off
4/6-4/20 Eureka Vape Bogo 50% off
4/15-4/20 Dadirri Bogo 50% off
4/16-4/23 Xiaolin 20% off
4/19-4/23 Med pharm 50% off
4/24-4/30 Tastebudz Bogo 50% off

Hurry up to take advantage of our deals since these are time-limited discounts valid for only 5 days. The deals begin on 18th April and end on 22nd April. At the Lodge, we have what it takes to make your day a memorable one. Celebrate this year’s 420 festival in style by consuming high-quality products at the best price.

We have the best Denver 420 deals in 2021. If you are interested, then you can visit any of our two stores. Contact us to reach more information on our Denver dispensaries 420 deals.

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