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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, resulted in a cross between its parent strains – GSC and Cherry Pie. This well known Indica dominant hybrid has a CBD level of less than 1%, and THC content measured up to 27%, making it an extremely potent strain.

The buds of WC are dense, medium green with bright orange and purple hairs, compactly covered with trichomes. Unlike an actual cake, the scent of this strain is earthy with a hint of sweet aroma afterward. But if a scent has at least a bit of sweetness to it, consumers will be surprised to find out the rich tangy and sour taste of this cannabis strain, and that it tastes nothing like a traditional dessert, it’s named after. Only the slight creaminess in the aftertaste might remind you of a delicate treat.

Despite the confusion with the taste, this strain loved by cannabis consumers. It starts to act rather quickly, giving a very clear-headed high, initially accompanied by the feeling of euphoria, elevated mood, and a sense of happiness and well being. It settles into bodily sensations of warmth and delightful heaviness. It is known to be best for creating art, exercising, enjoying conversations with family members, relaxing, a perfect evening strain. Wedding Cake also helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. Its relaxing properties works amazingly for people with insomnia. It’s analgesic properties made it an excellent match for people dealing with pain from arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, etc. It can help people suffering from ADD by stimulating focus. Boosts an appetite, which is helpful for people going through chemotherapy.

The common side effects of a high THC profile strain are dry mouth and dry eyes. Because of its potency, this strain is not recommended for individuals new to cannabis intake, since it may cause paranoia and anxiety if taken too much. Wedding cake was one on The Top 5 Cannabis Strain in Colorado 2019

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  1. Wedding Cake is my favorite cannabis strain. The Lodge has a lot good strains. Very nice and sweet and citrusy

        1. Wedding cake is one of my favorite stains! The taste is so good and the high isn’t to heavy or light.

    1. Wedding cake is my absolute favorite strain the lodge has on their shelf. I grab an oz every time it’s available. Such a strong smoke with a great clean taste.

  2. Wedding Cake is one of my favorite strains! This high will keep you calm and focused so you can fight anything the day throws at you. Weather you’re dabbing or smoking this in bud form, rest assured you’ll enjoy how you feel!

  3. Wedding cake from The Lodge is my one ‘go to’ predominant indica strain. I’ve always enjoyed the choices at The Lodge. Wedding Cake is easily one of their best!

  4. White Lilac and White Chem taste good. Mellow high without the munchies. The prices are decent and the service is top notch.

  5. Always a tasty strain. Very unique compounds inside this plant. Has a strong Citrus terpenoid profile, with a under flavor of a peppery herbal taste. This strain is also known as Pink Cookies. Normally has a high THC rating.

  6. I always seem to get Wedding Cake flower or wax, and never disappointed. I feel all negativity and stress drift away when this is smoked, and my friends love it.

  7. Wedding Cake is my new go too. Its perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. I find myself relaxed and enjoying a good show with this strain.

  8. Love the lodge!!!!! This is one of the very few dispos with OG strains in the city… wedding cake is always full of flavor and often times blue dream is there too which you can’t find anywhere else anymore… great prices, friendly knowledgeable staff.. and honestly the only place I shop!!! High Street is my favorite location bc of convenience but they’re located all around the city.

    But anyways… wedding cake is deliciously sour with a fantastic body high!!!!

  9. Wedding cake is always a go to strain when I see it, I love the high and the buds are always so pretty. The lodge stays with the fire flower!

  10. The Lodges Wedding Cake is the first dispensary I bought that strain from. I loved how it made me feel and also relaxed me. I have bad anxiety and The Lodges Wedding Cake strain worked better than the other 2 dispensaries where I bought their Wedding Cake strain. I’m not going to call them out I’m just going to say The Lodge is the best.

  11. Wedding cake is one of my favorite strains. Taste is really good and the effects are great. For me, I get euphoria, sense of peace, and overall calming. I would highly recommend it.

  12. Great strain! Mellow, laid back high! Always a favorite after work strain! I like this strain most from the lodge! It always comes out perfect!

  13. Beautiful strand! One of my favorite strands. Makes me giggle but feel good in the inside & out. Always enjoy the Lodge 🖤

  14. Wedding cake is a perfect downtime friend. I have enjoyed this and many of the other great products at the Lodge and the staff is always helpful and friendly.

  15. I usually get the wedding cake pre-rolls and they’re fire! Great to smoke before you go on a walk or bike ride. Contemplative/meditative experience.

  16. I usually get the wedding cake pre-rolls and they’re fire! Great to smoke before you go on a walk or bike ride. Contemplative/meditative experience.

  17. Wedding Cake From The Lodge is Amazing! From The Taste to The Quality of the Buds you cant go Wrong 1 of my Favorite Strains.

  18. This reception isn’t your normal party. It’s light and very clean and very potent and thank goodness there was food around bc I needed it! I love the Wedding Cake strand bc it’s exactly what I need at the end of a hard day to bring that back to what matters most. Thanks you everybody at The Lodge for always having the best product and the best people to serve it.

  19. Definitely Wedding cake and I have married sometime now. Eleviates the pains and aches, as well as maintaining a balanced mind set.

  20. Wedding Cake is definitely one of the top strains in my favorite list. Recommended it to anyone who loves indica, it has an amazing heavy lemony flavor. Absolutely astonishing bud.

  21. Wedding Cake is a perfectly balanced blend of high to enjoy as well as sweet slumber when it’s time to sleep. Well worth the drive to go to The Lodge to get a great deal on this great flower! Have a ‘slice’ of Wedding Cake. You won’t regret it!

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