Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk is an Indica-dominant hybrid that came as a result of a cross between Skunk#1, Cheese and Pineapple strains. THC levels are usually measured between 15 and 25%, CBD is around 1%. This one of a kind strain has been recognized as a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The buds of Pineapple Chunk are bright neon green, medium-sized, cone-shaped, with some purple and orange hairs, covered with milky trichomes.

This strain has a very distinct aroma, sour, skanky, cheesy, with a little bit of sweetness to it. The flavor is just as defined as an aroma, cheesy, tangy, earthy with sweet pineapple notes on the exhale.

The effects can reportedly vary. Generally, it’s a perfect Indica type strain, relaxing, bringing a heavy body sensation while some warm waves are circulating from top to toe. Pineapple Chunk is a very potent strain too, so it’s not advised to intake for novices of the cannabis industry. It will take out all your worries, immediately uplifts your mood, and eventually send you into a coach-lock. However, those are not the only reported effects of this unusual strain. Some users experience a boost of energy, clarity, increased focus, clarified vision, and euphoric high, which will still be inevitably followed by massive body relaxation.

It’s a perfect strain for a night in, not suitable for being in situations with a lot of social engagements.

Adverse effects are dry eyes and mouth, and paranoia if taken above tolerance levels.

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