Tangelina Jolie

Tangelina Jolie is a strain with a beautiful name, lineage, and its effects. This cannabis strain is a nearly perfect hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica), produced as an exciting cross between GG4 and Tangie strains. THC levels of this strain measure between 20% to 25%, CBD is less than 1%.

The buds are fuzzy, bright green with light amber pistils, frosted with sparkly golden trichomes.

The flavor is as beautiful as the name, intense orange with spicy and woodsy undertones. The aroma is spicy, earthy, with a touch of citrus on the exhale.

The effects of Tangelina Jolie strain are very long-lasting. As an even hybrid, it’s recommended for both morning and night use. It promotes an enlivening sense of happiness and euphoria. This strain is prevalent among cannabis users, as it is perfectly balanced, gives a boost of energy, as well as helps with focus and concentration, providing a clear-headed high. After it’s done the job of lifting your mood, it slowly movies down with waves of warm tingling sensations, profoundly relaxing the body, providing comfort and content.

Adverse effects might include dry mouth and eyes, munchies, and if taken too much, an intense couch-lock.

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