Member Berry

Member Berry strain was born as a result of a successful cross between Skunkberry and Mandarin Sunset. This nearly evenly balanced hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica) shows up to 28% THC and almost no CBD.

The buds of this flavorful strain are thick, green, covered with glistening trichomes, and just a bit of amber hairs. The intoxicating aroma of a Member Berry is sweet with some citrus notes. The taste is very potent, tangy, and fruity at the same time, with a tinge of pine.

Member Berry strain is well known for its positive mood enhancement. Its long-lasting effects start slow with uplifting, mellow, euphoric reaction, often accompanied by the feeling of giddiness. After a while, that feeling disappears, making way for a pleasant heaviness. It is reportedly one of the best strains for relaxation, as it slowly helps to achieve a very tranquil feeling of peace.
This strain is recognized to ease minor aches and pains, symptoms of stress, loss of appetite. Also, its uplifting properties might help those suffering from depression. Adverse side effects might include dry mouth, and the feeling of drowsiness if consumed too much.

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