Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is a Sativa dominant hybrid( 75% Sativa/ 25% Indica). THC levels of this unique strain can go up to 27%, making it one of the most potent strains on the market. CBD levels are less than 1%. Magic Johnson strain has been developed through a cross between The White and Durban Poison strains.
The buds of this energizing strain are large, dark forest green, covered with frosty trichomes and vibrant orange pistils.
The aroma is earthy, woody, with pronounced sour, citrus notes. The taste is sweet and pleasant, woody, with some pine and citrus on the exhale.
The high of Magic Johnson strain starts strong right away, uplifting, energizing, and bringing a feeling of a lightheaded euphoria. It promotes a sense of happiness and peace, lifting stress, and melting any negative thoughts away.
Slowly the body starts to follow the initial head high into a mellow relaxation, sending warm, comforting waves down the body, eventually bringing the user into a light couch lock. This strain is perfect for daytime use in any social settings and activities.
Adverse effects:
dry eyes
dry mouth
possible anxiety if consumed above tolerance levels

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