Cherry Lime Haze

Cherry Lime Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid (80%/20% Sativa to Indica ratio), a cross between Haze and Cherry Bomb. THC levels are just under 20%, which makes it potent but not overly so. This strain, even though not that well known, is perfect for daytime use.

The buds of Cherry Lime Haze are large, chunky, Sativa structured, neon green in color, with some light amber hairs.

The aroma of this strain is rather strong, sweet, and citrusy. The taste is, just like the name suggests, sweet and tart, with berry undertones. Both the taste and the smell are known to be very delicious.

The effects of Cherry Lime Haze are fast and pleasant. Immediate mood elevation, increased creativity and focus, a boost of energy. The long-lasting high of this aromatic strain is useful for a morning smoke, that will carry you through the day with ease. It will guarantee you feel uplifted for a long time.

Naturally, this strain is not recommended for a night time use, as it will keep you awake for hours.

Users reported this strain’s uplifting properties to be helpful in case of depression, fatigue, stress, and exhaustion.

Adverse effects might include dry eyes and mouth.

7 Replies to “Cherry Lime Haze”

  1. By far the best sativa strain I have come across. The smell is on point. The taste is cherries with a lime zinger finish. Looks just as stunning as it tastes and smells. Your in for a real treat with cherry lime haze!!

  2. Have you ever gone to Sonic and gotten a cherry lime sprite? This is what Cherry Lime Haze reminds me of. The refreshing balance of citrus and sweetness making the whole joint smoking experience a pleasurable one.

  3. I’m very impressed. CLH looks awesome, smells awesome, and feels awesome! One of the best sativas I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. It’s a good cerebral buzz, not as high energy as some other sativas, especially if you consume a lot of it, in which case it may relax you. It felt to me like the THC is actually above 20%; it felt like one of the stronger strains I’ve had in a while. If you come across any, I highly recommend that you grab it!

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