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Gelato #33


Gelato #33 marijuana strain sometimes referred to as Larry Bird, is a successful bred between Sunset Sherbet and Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Well known parents of this strain, combined with a dessert-like aroma and flavor, it’s no surprise that this strain is well-loved, and often a top shelf in most of the dispensaries. This Indica dominant hybrid ( 55% Indica and 45% Sativa) has THC levels of up to 20%.

The buds of this world-renowned strain are dense, bulky, and lumpy, with an abundance of grape and amber-colored pistils, and covered by the sparkly glaze of sticky resin.

As the name suggests, the aroma of this marijuana strain is sweet, berry, citrusy, and with a hint of earth and wood. The flavor of Gelato is also fruity and delicious. It is named to be one of the tastiest strains on the market.

Name and origins aside, the strain won over the hearts of millions of cannabis enthusiasts for its well-balanced body and mind effect. Gelato cannabis first increases energy, boosts creativity, uplifts, and gives a sense of well being, then slowly comes from the head to the body, profoundly relaxing and lifting at the same time. Cannabis reviewers indicate this strain’s ability to alleviate symptoms of stress, depression, pain, insomnia, muscle spasm, inflammations, and migraines. Besides the standard dry mouth and eyes, the adverse effects of the Gelato strain can be dizziness and paranoia, if consumed above tolerance levels.

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6 Replies to “Gelato #33”

  1. Some of the best smoking. Burns slow and very sticky to the touch might have to scrape the grinder after just one use!

  2. I love flavor of Gelato definitely fruity and delicious. Very nice aroma and taste. With Gelato had experience relaxing and lifting at the same time.
    Bomb 💥 💣

  3. Fire It comes on strong and it last long they get you going and keep you going light up smoke up talk up enjoy it because I am


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