Gelato Cake


Gelato Cake is an exciting cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 cannabis strain. Its an Indica dominant hybrid, with THC levels ranging from 18% to 25%, and almost no CBD.

The buds of this dynamic strain are covered with fiery orange pistils, light green with some deep purple hues, and tons of frosty trichomes.

The aroma, as well as the taste of this strain, strongly resemble two famous deserts it was named after. It is rich, sweet, creamy, berry, and tangy. Smoking this strain is a very pleasurable experience.

Gelato Cake is known to be a balanced hybrid, with a little incline to the Indica side. Upon intake, it immediately uplifts a user’s mood, lightens the attitude,

provides mental clarity, boosts creativity, gives an overall sense of happiness and peace. This head high is, however, quickly followed by a deeply relaxing full body sensation, a heavy euphoria, that settles in the head and slowly moves down the body in warm waves. The high is potent and fast-acting, hence not recommended for inexperienced users. It also makes it a perfect nighttime strain.

Adverse effects include dry eyes, dry mouth, possible paranoia if taken above tolerance levels.

Positive Effects:






Adverse Effects:

dry eyes

dry mouth


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19 Replies to “Gelato Cake”

  1. I recently picked up an oz of the gelato cake… definitely one of my favorite strains that The lodge High st carries … great dense nugs and always a nice sweet gassy aroma that I admire… gelato cake takes the win in the gelato crosses 💯

  2. Hey! Let’s start that Gelato Cake is cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 and both of them are my favorite strains with with full body aroma. Very strong and deeply relaxing strains. If you never try this strain, it’s must. I would say 100 strain before you die 😁

  3. Just grabbed a quarter. The taste lives up to how good it smells. Its 21% for rec. where I live but still a mind blowing yet relaxing high. This bud is perfect for anxiety from personal experience. Its more comforting then harsh on the lungs compared to other indica dominant hybrids

  4. Gelato Cake is defiantly famous for its insanely delicious flavor. Uplifts my mood and sex is great too

  5. Gelato Cake is excellent for stimulating appetite and relieving stiffness, pain or stress its from Cookie strain family.

  6. Was a little thrown by the size of the buds. But dagnab it whoa that some potent wacko weed!

  7. One word- amazing. I was impressed with quality of your weed. Gelato cake aroma as well the taste definitely resembles these two deserts, gelato and Cake. Taste very rich. Smoking this strain was very pleasurable experience and we got amazing time with our friends, giggling and telling crazy stories about our childhood 420 time.
    Lodge cannabis is best option for gourmet cannabis lovers.

  8. This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite strains in Life!!! Packs a serious punch and will sit yo azz down 👇 will calm and cure stresses and out just the rite amount of “f*ck it” in yo system!☝️ This pheno is a straight WINNER 🙌 tasting like dessert 🍨 Kush 🌿 if ya like Sweet&Skunk, this budz for you!👈😉

  9. Like, wow, man.
    Finally! A strain that is an experience in deliciousness as stated above me, while doing due diligence to ease certain spirit, mind, body experiences and/or ailments — all true.

    I’m a smoker, so I actually blend a bit of loose leaf tobacco into a joint, or blunt, if you will. Voila! No coughing. These were the benefits and the not so beneficial:
    • I got really good quality sleep.😴
    • I developed an appetite. Yay.🍓🍇
    • What anxiety?👻
    • Less “jumpy” at loud sounds that usually have me jump 29 feet or duck🦆 for cover under the🪑
    I am not kidding. This took that away for a little while. It was peaceful. I slept so well.
    • Awakens ☆ALL☆ the 😘😘senses
    • Awesome for personal reflection🏖
    • Great for creativity
    • Cons:
    ° What focus? 🤪🤣🤪What was I saying again? What were we talking about?
    ° Don’t you Fkn DARE 🚳🚷🚫DRIVE🚫⛔🚫 OR OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY while enjoying this strain. It won’t end well. and you may not recall what occurred, because you nod out 😴on this strain and you don’t realize you’ve had your eyes closed for; like, 15 minutes.😱 You’ve been advised. Moving on …

    This strain should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

    Thanks for the pleasure of chiming in.


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