Cookies and Cream


Cookies and Cream cannabis strain resulted from crossing the Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies. It is a well-balanced hybrid with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. However, this can lean to either Indica or Sativa side depending on the particular phenotype of GSC used. Cookies and Cream cannabis was bred by the Exotic Genetix and has emerged as one of the most potent marijuana with a THC level of 26%. It, in fact, took first place for the best hybrid strain in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.

Cookies and Cream has good yield when grown both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately, its cultivation requires experience and constant monitoring of growth conditions. You have to maintain temperature, humidity and supply all the needed nutrients when needed. You also have to prune and trim the plant as it can grow unnecessarily tall. Fortunately, Cookies and Cream has a short growth time of just 8weeks.

This strain is distinct in its appearance, taste, and scent. If properly cured, Cookie and Cream produces flowers that appear dark green and decorated by orange pistils and dotted with white trichomes. The buds are less sticky and can be easily broken by hand. Going by its name, Cookie and Cream has a sweet scent and taste of vanilla and ice cream. This taste can make you want to take more and more, exceeding your limit. But you need to be prepared for its high cerebral stimulation.

Cookie and Cream is famed for its euphoric and sedating effects. For the best feeling of relaxation without couchlock or a boost in energy, then this is the appropriate strain for you. However, if you take an overdose of Cookie and Cream, you can be sent to an early sleep. It also has uplifting and calming effects, all of which are important for combating stress-related conditions. You can also use it for depression, pain, and restoring mental health.

Positive effects

  • Relaxing
  • Sedating
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifting
  • Improving creativity

Adverse effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
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