Pac Man


Pac Man Marijuana Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid, with an impressive THC range of up to 25%, and CBD range around 4%.

The buds of this strain are chunky, with a shape slightly resembling a Christmas tree, medium green with lots of trichomes.

Pac Man has a sweet citrusy and slightly pungent aroma. Very flavorful with its earthy, piny notes and a hint of lemon.

This potent hybrid strain delivers heavy euphoria and relaxation. It also promotes a sense of happiness, calm and peace, and overall well being. After the first uplifting head high, goes into the muscles, relaxing, sedating, leaves a feeling of pleasant heaviness. An excellent strain for pain, insomnia, stress, perfect after a long day at work. Best enjoyed in an intimate setting, encourages free-flowing conversations.

Not recommended for inexperienced marijuana users, the effects can be overwhelming.

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