Dutch Haze

Dutch Haze

Dutch Haze cannabis strain, a Sativa dominant hybrid, was developed in 2009 and quickly became the crowd’s favorite. THC levels of this strain can get as high as 25%, while CBD levels are generally less than 1%.

The buds of Dutch Haze are small, deep green with dark orange, almost burnt color pistils.

This strain is known to be very flavorful, with pronounced fruity, earthy and piny notes. The aroma is equally as pleasant, spicy, earthy, and citrusy.

Dutch Haze is typically not recommended for inexperienced users, because of its potency and fast-acting qualities.

However, experienced users enjoy the energizing high that quickly consumes oneself, uplifting, improving the mood, boosting creativity, and relaxing at the same time. This strain is a perfect companion to spend time with friends and loved ones, listen to music, engage in creative activities, do arts, and tackle mundane tasks of the day.

Positive effects:

  • energetic
  • euphoric
  • creative
  • happy
  • relaxed

Adverse effects:

  • dry mouth
  • dry eyes
  • paranoia and dizziness, if consumed above tolerance levels

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