Do-Si-Dos is an Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica/ 30% Sativa). This cannabis strain is known to be very potent with THC levels starting at 19% and raising all the way to 30%, CBD levels are less than 1%.

This strain is a blend between a popular Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG cannabis strains.

The buds of Do-Si-Dos show traditional indica structure, small, dense, clustered, complemented by a beautiful deep green color with a hint of grape, and fiery orange pistils, covered by a thick layer of milky trichomes.

Just like its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies, Do-Si-Dos’ aroma is fruity sweet and earthy. The flavor, however, reminds of its other parent Face Off OG and is usually described as sweet and skunky.

Even though Do-Si-Dos is known to be Indica dominant, it shows to be a very versatile strain with benefits both Indica and Sativa lovers would appreciate.

The effects of this strain start quickly. Unlike most other strains, this one works simultaneously in both directions, head, and body. It uplifts the mood, creating a clear-headed sensation, relieves stress. At the same time, users can experience slight tingling and warmth, coming down the body, relaxing and invigorating. The body sensation doesn’t get too heavy, however, allowing you to successfully participate in social activities like dancing and spending time with friends, tackle day to day work tasks, diving into creative endeavors. After a while, the high slowly sets into a coach locked feeling, that’s why this strain is not recommended for morning or early afternoon.


Positive effects:

Adverse effects:
dry eyes
dry mouth

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